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#5338 Long name not fit in Tracker status window assigned TrackerStatus nobody bug normal
#9397 Tracker templates: add "application/x-person" assigned Tracker templates: add "application/x-person" nobody enhancement normal
#13431 Deskbar menu screen edge margin assigned tracker ux kallisti5 bug normal
#6730 BMessaging files from BMenu like Tracker does new bmessage, bmenu, tracker stippi enhancement normal
#8041 Heavy filesystem usage produces inodes that checkfs cannot open and cannot fix new checkfs, corruption, inode, Tracker, copy, Trash, delete, stresstest axeld bug normal
#13035 Stack&Tile: Tabs don't redraw after right-click to send-to-back new Tracker Stack&Tile redraw stippi bug normal
#13521 Corrupted borders in the Save file panel of Pe new Pe, Tracker, BFilePanel nobody bug normal
#14052 A few GUI enhancement suggestions new Tracker nobody enhancement normal
#14776 Reproducible Tracker Query crash new tracker, query, crash, attribute nobody bug normal
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