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#6029 Holding CTRL+ALT should move more than just windows assigned CTRL ALT move window replicant view deskbar nobody enhancement normal
#6151 A simple powerfull right mouse button menu on the yellow window bar for enhanced management new menu yellow window bar stippi enhancement normal
#9185 BDirectWindow::SupportsWindowMode() doesn't check for hardware cursor support new BDirectWindow hardware cursor jackburton bug normal
#9467 Focus of windows is stolen reopened Focus of windows is stolen axeld bug normal
#9748 Zoom button doesn't work after reboot new Zoom button resize window doesn't work after reboot stippi enhancement normal
#9762 Artifacts on Desktop assigned artifacts on desktop minimized windows nobody bug normal
#11554 Too small minimum window-size at many default Haiku program new window size nobody enhancement normal
#14458 BWindow::Zoom gives inconsistent results new BWindow SetZoomLimits Zoom nobody bug low
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