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Ticket Summary Status Type Priority Milestone Component
#2417 New Trac does not allow to cc by username reopened enhancement normal Website/Trac
#8517 [cgit] display all commits relating to a tagged push. new enhancement normal Website/Trac
#9484 Track translatable resources in Pootle new enhancement normal Website/Pootle
#9566 i18n: overall translation status new enhancement normal Website/Userguide Translator
#11828 Look into using one-time-passwords as secondary authentication method for baron assigned task normal Sys-Admin
#11834 Consolidate & restrict backup procedure over ssh assigned task normal Sys-Admin
#11998 Wifi impossible to install without physical network connection reopened enhancement normal Unscheduled Website/
#12153 missing stats for some websites assigned enhancement normal Unscheduled Sys-Admin
#12750 Simple user login with one profile new enhancement normal Website
#13247 Add header and footer to Human Interface Guidelines assigned enhancement normal Website/
#13358 Adjust link to etiquette in mailing lists new bug normal Unscheduled Sys-Admin
#13373 Attaching files does not set modification time new bug normal Website/Trac
#13416 Trac: Oversized images new bug normal Website/Trac
#13971 cgit should create http links to gerrit for commits with change-ids new enhancement normal Unscheduled Website
#13979 Test bootstrap builds on the buildbot new task normal Website
#14233 buildbot slaves don't rebuild buildtools assigned bug normal Sys-Admin
#14399 Stopped archive by_hrev assigned bug normal Unscheduled Sys-Admin
#14560 monitoring of maui builders new bug normal Unscheduled Sys-Admin
#14748 HaikuDepot - Register - Email Address Rejected new bug normal Unscheduled Sys-Admin
#14902 WebPositive unable to login to LastPass new bug normal Website
#14944 incorrect generation of API doumentation in doxygen 1.8.13 new bug normal R1 Sys-Admin
#14985 Have buildot build changes submitted for review on Gerrit new enhancement normal Unscheduled Sys-Admin
#15057 System not updating since hrev53102 new bug normal Unscheduled Sys-Admin
#4165 Support-aiding Haiku runtime data request application and web integration new enhancement low Unscheduled Website/Trac
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