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Ticket Summary Status Type Priority Milestone Component
#14805 Remove struct size hacks in net80211 assigned bug blocker R1/beta2 Network & Internet/Wireless
#14961 Audit all syscalls for permissions and access checks assigned bug blocker R1/beta2 System/Kernel
#14790 Random KDL on Acer Apire one ZG5 reopened bug high Unscheduled Drivers/Network/atheroswifi
#9325 Inform the user on fuzzy/new document in-progress enhancement normal Website/Userguide Translator
#10134 DriveSetup: some new functions assigned enhancement normal R1 Applications/DriveSetup
#10887 Public API to get a "default icon" assigned enhancement normal Unscheduled Kits/Interface Kit
#11176 [Tracker] status window displays Dec 13, 1901 as finish time assigned bug normal R1 Applications/Tracker
#11673 Add mouse-down-filter-while-typing to Touchpad prefs (easy) assigned enhancement normal R1 Preferences/Touchpad
#12994 Defaults/Revert buttons should act only on the current tab new enhancement normal Unscheduled Preferences/Appearance
#13151 BFilePanel empty after pressing ESC assigned bug normal Unscheduled Kits/
#13177 [Interface Kit] scale BToolBar new bug normal Unscheduled Kits/Interface Kit
#13643 BRefFilter un-filters ESCAPE key assigned bug normal Unscheduled Kits/Interface Kit
#14102 Incomplete GCC detection in configure assigned bug normal Unscheduled Build System
#14193 Add Broadwell support in-progress enhancement normal Drivers/Graphics/intel_extreme
#14260 iprowifi3945 goes "no link" every 5 minutes new bug normal Unscheduled Drivers/Network/iprowifi3945
#14265 iprowifi3945 may not power ON wifi adapter new bug normal Unscheduled Drivers/Network/iprowifi3945
#14298 Intel iwm driver not loading for idualwifi7260 reopened bug normal Unscheduled Drivers/Network/idualwifi7260
#14424 Monospace font keeps getting reverted to Noto Mono after reboot new bug normal Unscheduled Preferences/Appearance
#14433 Brocken link to userguide at new bug normal Website/Userguide Translator
#14434 Userguide site fails sending out resetted passwords new bug normal Website/Userguide Translator
#14521 [atheroswifi] (ath_pci) unable to attach hardware; HAL status 3 new bug normal Unscheduled Drivers/Network/atheroswifi
#14546 R1/beta1 rc1: Some Wifi cards not loading in UEFI boot. new bug normal Unscheduled Drivers/Network/idualwifi7260
#14590 'Legacy Docs' sub-section isn't opened new bug normal Website/
#14603 [pkgman] download progress is broken in non-interactive mode assigned bug normal Unscheduled Applications/Command Line Tools
#14646 KDL on poweroff while network load over iprowifi4965 [patch] new bug normal Unscheduled Drivers/Network/iprowifi4965
#14777 [debug_server] move Save core file to Debugger assigned enhancement normal Unscheduled Servers/debug_server
#14878 Add optional log message to block edit new enhancement normal Website/Userguide Translator
#14879 Show log messages in Changelog page new enhancement normal Website/Userguide Translator
#1142 BToolbar API assigned enhancement low Unscheduled Kits/Interface Kit
#13534 Split app_server and all core GUI applications, translators, etc. into a haiku_desktop package new enhancement low Unscheduled Build System
#14788 Wireless isn' working. new bug low Unscheduled Drivers/Network/iprowifi4965
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