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Ticket Summary Status Owner Type Priority Milestone
#1048 add support for PowerPC assigned mmu_man enhancement normal Unscheduled
#4385 blocking boot on powerbook G4 assigned nobody bug normal Unscheduled
#5160 ppc: boot_loader_openfirmware hangs with SATA controller connected assigned nobody bug normal
#5164 [boot_loader_openfirmware] panic: out of page table entries in-progress andreasf bug normal
#6071 ppc: OpenFirmware boot loader hangs on QEMU assigned andreasf bug normal Unscheduled
#6129 Kernel hang after allocate_commpage_entry assigned nobody bug normal Unscheduled
#6164 ppc: PANIC: arch_int_init_post_device_manager(): Found no supported PIC! assigned mmu_man bug normal
#6247 [pci] ppc: PCI does not support "grackle"-compatible device new nobody enhancement normal
#7645 BFS: support writing in a different endian mode than host assigned axeld bug normal Unscheduled
#9817 arch_thread_init_kthread_stack needs implemented on PowerPC assigned nobody bug normal Unscheduled
#10240 PowerPC build broken after PM assigned mmu_man bug normal Unscheduled
#13582 Fix PowerPC 64-bit atomics new nobody bug low Unscheduled
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