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Ticket Summary Status Owner Type Milestone Component
#9441 Problem with Cortex Parameter views new bug R1 Applications/Cortex
#9449 bfs: SegFault while unmounting at shutdown new axeld bug R1 File Systems/BFS
#9450 Disappearing Audio Between Boots new nobody bug R1 Audio & Video
#9460 Edit source code to remove compilation warnings, to allow -Werror new nobody enhancement Unscheduled - General
#9461 Cursor changes with when tooltip pops up new stippi bug R1 User Interface
#9470 btrfs volume doesn't mount correctly new korli bug Unscheduled File Systems/Btrfs
#9480 Match up well known entries in the file system with specialized icons stored in Tracker's resources new stippi enhancement R1 Applications/LaunchBox
#9484 Track translatable resources in Pootle new haiku-web enhancement Website/Pootle
#9496 JPEG Translator not read large files. new nobody bug R1 Add-Ons/Translators/JPEG
#9498 Improve MacDecorator to work with tabbing and resolve drawing bugs new stippi bug R1 Add-Ons/Decorators/MacDecorator
#9500 Fix WinDecorator decorator new stippi bug R1 Add-Ons/Decorators/WinDecorator
#9503 radeon_hd driver no longer resumes from screen blanking. new kallisti5 bug R1 Drivers/Graphics/radeon_hd
#9508 Tracker and Icon-O-Matic render gradients differently. new stippi bug R1 Applications/Icon-O-Matic
#9525 MediaPlayer: ID3 tag support new stippi enhancement R1 Applications/MediaPlayer
#9537 [VirtualMemory] interface is confusing new kallisti5 bug R1 Preferences/VirtualMemory
#9539 [FileTypes] doesn't let to empty recognition rule new axeld bug R1 Preferences/FileTypes
#9543 [Deskbar] switch the application switch key to Cmd (aka Alt) + Tab new leavengood bug R1 Applications/Deskbar
#9544 [Deskbar] move task switcher out of Deskbar new leavengood enhancement Unscheduled Applications/Deskbar
#9545 Add multitouch support new nobody enhancement Unscheduled Drivers/Input
#9562 [Mail] Spellcheck only works with English new czeidler bug R1 Applications/Mail
#9563 Haiku for mobile devices new stippi enhancement Unscheduled User Interface
#9566 i18n: overall translation status new haiku-web enhancement Website/Userguide Translator
#9571 hey doesn't set upper-left corner of WebPositive (gcc4 install only) new nobody bug Unscheduled Applications/Command Line Tools
#9581 Add Liberation Fonts to Haiku (and aliases) new stippi enhancement Unscheduled User Interface
#9587 [PATCH] Localizing libprint.a new phoudoin enhancement R1 Drivers/Printers
#9588 Needed Icons and art work. new stippi task R1 User Interface
#9594 [net_server] IPv6 Link Local prevents proper interface deletion new kallisti5 bug R1 Servers/net_server
#9597 After a certain time I lose sound. new korli bug R1 Drivers/Audio/auich
#9607 WebPositive: print/save function new leavengood enhancement Unscheduled Applications/WebPositive
#9608 WebPositive: debug window (Web Inspector) new leavengood enhancement Unscheduled Applications/WebPositive
#9616 MediaConverter doesn't convert to OGG or MP3 and converts to WAV with video new nobody enhancement Unscheduled Audio & Video/Codecs
#9617 Several FSs put/free the root node in unmount() new nobody bug R1 File Systems
#9619 Haiku does not have ptrace library new nobody enhancement Unscheduled System
#9633 PoorMan closes after some minutes new nobody bug R1 Applications/PoorMan
#9635 After closing GLTeapot, image stays behind, but can be erased with mouseover new kallisti5 bug R1 Applications/GLTeapot
#9638 Beatware Be Basics - Writer wordprocessor - error "Symbol not found" new nobody bug R1 - General
#9642 Shift+Enter doesn't accept autocomplete in Gmail Basic HTML's compose new leavengood bug R1 Applications/WebPositive
#9655 External usb hard disk with switch doesn't work/mount properly new mmlr bug R1 Drivers/Disk/USB
#9660 [ext4] Failed to create file cache new korli bug R1 File Systems/ext2
#9661 Issue with audio CDs with cd text new bga bug R1 File Systems/cdda
#9669 Can not change the encoding in RTF. new axeld bug R1 Add-Ons/Translators/RTF
#9710 Implement a remote debugging protocol new bonefish enhancement Unscheduled Servers/debug_server
#9732 Crash mount server on unmount Flash Drive new stippi bug Servers/mount_server
#9743 Translate-toolkit fails when parsing the header of a catkeys files which contains non-ascii characters new nielx bug Website/Pootle
#9748 Zoom button doesn't work after reboot new stippi enhancement R1 User Interface
#9754 No sound on Lenovo laptop F41 with Realtek High Definition Audio new korli bug R1/beta2 Drivers/Audio/HDA
#9760 [Debugger] Automatically determine the correct start symbol for a program new anevilyak enhancement Unscheduled Applications/Debugger
#9772 Green tiling and artifacts playing H.264 in MediaPlayer (overlay) new stippi bug R1 Applications/MediaPlayer
#9825 package information are too restrictive new nobody enhancement R1 Kits/Package Kit
#9845 [FileTypes] Add/Remove features don't work new bonefish bug R1 Preferences/FileTypes
#9873 [Mail] Content.cpp: Potential memory leak in TTextView::AddQuote() new czeidler bug R1 Applications/Mail
#9876 [Interface Kit] diagonal mouse support doesn't always work as expected new jackburton bug R1 Kits/Interface Kit
#9905 WebPositive unable to handle ftp urls new leavengood enhancement Unscheduled Kits/Network Kit
#9917 Overlay video lack some of the right part new gerald.zajac bug R1 Drivers/Graphics/ati
#9919 Haiku needs a hardware rendering pipeline / API for Mesa3D new kallisti5 enhancement Unscheduled Kits/OpenGL Kit
#9933 Support for Displaylink vendor devices new mmlr enhancement Unscheduled Drivers/USB
#9936 EHCI: USB hot-plugging fails, error 0x00088141 new mmlr bug R1 Drivers/USB/EHCI
#9942 [file_systems/ext2] Inode.cpp: Called C++ object pointer is null new korli bug R1 File Systems/ext2
#9964 Unsupported laptop native mode for Radeon HD5470 new kallisti5 bug R1 Drivers/Graphics/radeon_hd
#9970 [Package Kit] Listener interface for package status changes new bonefish enhancement Unscheduled Kits/Package Kit
#9984 [Installer] resets UI state if DriveSetup is lauched during install new korli bug R1 Applications/Installer
#9985 [Terminal] client area is not resized correctly new jackburton bug R1 Applications/Terminal
#9987 [NetworkStatus] close notification if interface was deleted/disabled new kallisti5 enhancement R1 Applications/NetworkStatus
#9990 Installation of source packages fails new bonefish bug Unscheduled Kits/Package Kit
#9992 [Tracker] query window locks up on package (de)activation new bonefish bug R1 Applications/Tracker
#10052 Some issues with OpenGL apps new kallisti5 bug R1 Kits/OpenGL Kit
#10055 Haiku boots slowly from CD (burned from nightly ISO image) new bonefish bug R1 Drivers/Disk
#10067 Extension should determine file type with same sniffer rule new bonefish enhancement R1 Servers/registrar
#10098 DriveSetup: encrypted disks should display encrypted instead of empty new stippi enhancement R1 Applications/DriveSetup
#10104 [package_daemon] failed to commit transaction new bonefish bug R1 Servers/package_daemon
#10105 [package_daemon] leaves packages inactivated new bonefish bug R1 Servers/package_daemon
#10121 HaikuCompatibility (for old/legacy apps) new nobody enhancement R1 System
#10135 WebPositive: using title instead of url in history new leavengood enhancement Unscheduled Applications/WebPositive
#10145 [pkgman] add ability to install packages from specified repo new bonefish enhancement R1 Applications/Command Line Tools
#10152 Media node naming new stippi enhancement Unscheduled Applications/MediaPlayer
#10193 HDA: no sound out of front headphones new korli bug R1/beta2 Drivers/Audio/HDA
#10194 Ext3 500GB HDD mounted only as read-only new korli bug R1 File Systems/ext2
#10216 Icon-buttons in Web+ downloads window new leavengood enhancement Unscheduled Applications/WebPositive
#10267 Outsource packageable third-party software new bonefish enhancement R1 Build System
#10282 DiskUsage confused by packagefs new nobody bug R1 Applications/DiskUsage
#10292 Debugger cli freezes when debugged team exits new anevilyak bug Unscheduled Applications/Debugger
#10297 [Debugger] DebugReportGenerator needs some additional error handling new anevilyak bug Unscheduled Applications/Debugger
#10326 ATI Mobility Radeon 9700 - Video out mirroring doesn't work new euan bug R1 Drivers/Graphics/radeon
#10327 Radeon HD6870: DisplayPort shows black screen. new kallisti5 bug R1 Drivers/Graphics/radeon_hd
#10335 radeon_hd needs to better support external DP encoders new kallisti5 enhancement R1 Drivers/Graphics/radeon_hd
#10352 Exporting SVG should respect translator setting new stippi enhancement R1 Applications/Icon-O-Matic
#10365 Crash when creating new folder in Screenshot new nobody bug R1 Applications/Screenshot
#10377 ioctl to de/activate packages failed: Invalid Argument new bonefish bug R1 Servers/package_daemon
#10387 Deskbar menu items not translated new pulkomandy bug R1 Kits/Locale Kit
#10406 NFS4: System hangs after copying gigabytes of data (?) new pdziepak bug R1 File Systems/NFS4
#10408 Black screen on laptop with Nvidia Optimus new nobody bug R1 Drivers/Graphics
#10409 NFS4: KDL trying to delete an empty folder new pdziepak bug R1 File Systems/NFS4
#10438 VESA driver problem on old notebook from hrev44862 new nobody bug R1 Drivers/Graphics
#10468 KDL: assert failed, scheduler_thread.h:268: stolenTime >= 0 new pdziepak bug R1 System/Kernel
#10488 ES1938/ES1946/ES1969 Solo-1 not working new korli enhancement R1 Drivers/Audio
#10505 radeon_hd needs ACPI support for finding the AtomBIOS new tqh enhancement R1 Drivers/Graphics/radeon_hd
#10531 USB1 devices fails to work on UHCI port new mmlr bug R1 Drivers/USB/UHCI
#10532 kdl during boot on in intel_set_mtrrs new nobody bug Unscheduled Add-Ons
#10551 AC 97 driver isn´t working anymore on Thinkpad T23 new korli bug R1 Drivers/Audio/auich
#10564 Can't upload binaries to github releases new pulkomandy bug R1 Applications/WebPositive
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