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#4527 mouse doesn't seem to accelerate much even at maximum setting new korli enhancement normal R1
#9271 Installer erases keyboard shortcuts? new korli bug normal R1
#9571 hey doesn't set upper-left corner of WebPositive (gcc4 install only) new nobody bug normal Unscheduled
#9595 Tracker windows do not receive focus assigned nobody bug normal R1
#9616 MediaConverter doesn't convert to OGG or MP3 and converts to WAV with video new nobody enhancement normal Unscheduled
#9626 Tracker crash shortly after startup assigned nobody bug normal R1
#9630 Tracker does not Identify before "Open with..." submenu is shown assigned nobody bug normal R1
#9635 After closing GLTeapot, image stays behind, but can be erased with mouseover new kallisti5 bug normal R1
#9642 Shift+Enter doesn't accept autocomplete in Gmail Basic HTML's compose new leavengood bug normal R1
#9772 Green tiling and artifacts playing H.264 in MediaPlayer (overlay) new stippi bug normal R1
#10074 ftp client can't see files served by ftpd reopened nobody bug normal R1
#10607 StyledEdit sometimes does not open because it's already running without a window new korli bug normal R1
#10608 StyledEdit non-reproduceable crash report new korli bug normal R1
#10695 Tracker copying large files to FAT32 USB stick slows and then fails, but cp succeeds (merely slows) assigned nobody bug normal R1
#10765 data corruption in and between text files, volume-wide new axeld bug normal R1
#10826 "Close all" from another workspace does not show user unload hook message new jackburton bug normal R1
#10057 Better error message for copying to read-only folder assigned nobody enhancement low Unscheduled
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