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#4837 limited stroke width new stippi bug normal R1
#6162 ScanIt application crashes new nobody bug normal R1
#6538 CodyCam can't find video source (for formerly working webcam) in-progress mmu_man bug normal R1
#6693 RGB values may not display right in Icon-O-Matic new stippi bug normal R1
#6770 KDL: 'device recalibrate error' at end of startup new marcusoverhagen bug normal R1
#6988 System speaker remains active with audio file playback ICH6 new korli bug normal R1
#6993 BeSting app doesn't work, causes crashes on shutdown and startup. assigned nobody bug normal R1
#7063 Shortcut to new window resizing method isn't ideal from a usability p.o.v. assigned nobody bug normal R1
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