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Ticket Summary Status Owner Type Priority Milestone
#8297 BeOS game Kraptor crash on startup new nobody bug normal R1
#8313 app_server crashes when exiting the application assigned nobody bug normal R1
#9028 GLTeapot Performance Issues under swrast add-on reopened nobody bug normal R1
#9298 Old BeOS app 3DStarchart deadlocks after close the program. assigned nobody bug normal R1
#9301 Corum III don't work in Haiku. assigned nobody bug normal R1
#9303 Transport window cannot be expanded in the Cortex. new bug normal R1
#9304 Black and "transparent" blocks appear in 3D animation when you move the cursor. It also occurs in other programs. new jackburton bug normal R1
#9305 Twitcher doesn't work for apps using BWindowScreen new nobody bug normal R1
#9496 JPEG Translator not read large files. new nobody bug normal R1
#9597 After a certain time I lose sound. new korli bug normal R1
#9598 MediaPlayer crashed when copying a file. assigned nobody bug normal R1
#9669 Can not change the encoding in RTF. new axeld bug normal R1
#13200 No boot path found, scan for all partitions. assigned nobody bug normal Unscheduled
#13216 DriveSetup is not able to create and format partitions new stippi bug normal Unscheduled
#13225 Application types - save feature doesn't work. reopened axeld bug normal Unscheduled
#13227 Add ability to switch off the touchpad new czeidler enhancement normal Unscheduled
#13235 Web+ crash in BNetworkRequest::_GetLine assigned pulkomandy bug normal Unscheduled
#13236 Framebuffer driver instead of radeon_hd. GLTeapot: "No OpenGL driver available!". new kallisti5 bug normal Unscheduled
#13239 Web+ bookmark bar disappeared new pulkomandy bug normal Unscheduled
#13241 Right click "Search web" does not work. new pulkomandy bug normal Unscheduled
#13271 Implement vertical-sync to fight with screen tearing assigned nobody enhancement normal Unscheduled
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