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#4192 UHCI error when connecting Wacom tablet. new stippi bug normal R1
#4313 Only switch resolutions when needed after an application started a BWindowScreen. assigned nobody bug normal R1
#4355 GLTeapot stops rendering when teapot is not spinning. assigned nobody bug normal R1
#4412 Several MIME types have only the generic icon. assigned nobody bug normal Unscheduled
#15016 KDL (network related) when booting on a Hades Canyon NUC8. new nobody bug normal Unscheduled
#15044 Radeon RX Vega M GH: Monitor going out of sync. new kallisti5 bug normal Unscheduled
#15052 [idualwifi760] Wifi not working in NUC 8. new waddlesplash bug normal Unscheduled
#4356 When hardware cursor is not available, mouse cursor should be disabled in BDirectWindow windows. new nobody enhancement low R1
#4865 MediaPlayer slider stops before the end on small files. assigned nobody bug low R1
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