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#10727 Security server - watching internet and terminal processes new nobody enhancement normal Unscheduled
#12131 Folder Optionsevery time default then system start up new stippi bug normal Unscheduled
#12203 tar does not store attributes any more new nobody bug normal Unscheduled
#12554 Refractions v1.0 BeOS crashed at startup new nobody bug normal R1
#12936 CD/DVD: Change startsequence to ask drives past Desktop is loaded new nobody bug normal R1
#13117 Missing icons on assigned nobody bug normal Unscheduled
#13515 HaikuDepot: Searching for somthing insufficient new stippi enhancement normal Unscheduled
#13519 Media Preferences: OpenSound Driver assigned nobody enhancement normal R1
#13570 Screenshot - select display in workspace xy new nobody enhancement normal Unscheduled
#13603 No sound with Creative SB Live! new korli bug normal Unscheduled
#13719 HaikuDepot - Register not possible assigned apl-haiku bug normal R1
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