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#1504 Enable USB -> RS-232 Serial port adapter on startup to allow for serial debugging new mmlr enhancement normal Unscheduled
#1955 Media Player won't respond after Restarting Media Server in-progress stippi bug normal R1
#1958 FTP put and get seem slow assigned nobody bug normal R1
#2149 Haiku does not update name of a renamed volume until after a reboot assigned nobody bug normal R1
#3056 Haiku could use a power management framework new leavengood enhancement normal Unscheduled
#3353 resource.h broken (not implemented yet?) assigned nobody enhancement normal R1
#4159 Python regression test fails new axeld bug normal R1
#4246 KDL - updating DMAResource not yet implemented new axeld bug normal R1
#4397 Pairs sometimes loses track of tiles new nobody bug normal R1
#4474 No sound with ATI IXP SB400 AC'97 Audio ControllerAC'97 chipset new korli enhancement normal R1
#6754 Missing Bluetooth Headers in-progress oruizdorantes bug normal Unscheduled
#6755 Python 2.7's fails self.assertEquals(st2.st_mtime, int(st.st_mtime-delta)) new nobody bug normal R1
#7663 Implement password management assigned mmlr enhancement normal Unscheduled
#7664 Finalizing new driver architecture new nobody enhancement normal R2
#9228 vmware image is too small to do any work, expand to 2GB new bonefish enhancement normal Unscheduled
#9934 KDL PANIC: ASSERT FAILED ... in DoubledLinkedList.h:515 assigned nobody bug normal R1
#10055 Haiku boots slowly from CD (burned from nightly ISO image) new bonefish bug normal R1
#14422 [SoftwareUpdater] Check for running in LiveCD mode assigned perelandra enhancement normal Unscheduled
#2131 AMD Geode Video controller needs a driver assigned nobody enhancement low Unscheduled
#2132 AMD Geode Audio controller needs a driver assigned pulkomandy enhancement low
#2474 Serial port driver needed for Oxford Semi UART 16950 assigned pulkomandy enhancement low Unscheduled
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