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#6621 media player volume control algorithm needs work assigned nobody bug normal R1
#6671 Blank cdr/cdrw/dvdr/dvdrw discs unreconognized assigned nobody bug normal R1
#6795 Mechanism to detect and identify network printer and offer setup wizard assigned nobody enhancement normal R1
#6983 cleanup printer prefrences / UI ehnacements. assigned nobody enhancement normal R1
#7113 libwebcam webcam API and some support UVC new mmlr enhancement normal R1
#7322 Buffer underun like behavior while playing large media files from optical discs new stippi bug normal R1
#7325 potential file copy problems from desktop install but not from installer from bottable iso new korli bug normal R1
#7650 Mouse functions of Kanvas 106 life tablet are ignored new nobody bug normal R1
#7658 Stickit shows ps3 controller right analog stick as 2 axis new nobody bug normal Unscheduled
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