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Ticket Summary Status Owner Type Priority Milestone
#10454 New scheduler: substantial performance drop in-progress pdziepak task high R1
#10931 Services Kit: No locking around access to HTTP context information such as authentication assigned pulkomandy bug high R1
#1431 Mail codebase needs a cleanup to fix several issues in-progress stippi bug normal R1
#1815 Haiku takes very long to boot with new ata busmanager new marcusoverhagen bug normal R1
#1837 Implement Begin- and EndRectTracking() in the app_server new stippi bug normal R1
#2514 Enlarged Terminal wraps input line overwriting beginning assigned nobody bug normal R1
#2900 panic: double fault, always thread 4 kernel_daemon assigned nobody bug normal R1
#3011 Filling Tracker windows with many files takes too long new aldeck enhancement normal Unscheduled
#3173 Make query string transformation behave more to expectations new nobody enhancement normal Unscheduled
#4021 media_server does not free resources from crashed applications assigned nobody bug normal R1
#4626 Context menu for Deskbar application entries new stippi enhancement normal Unscheduled
#5591 Implement DrawString() with offsets in BPicture and remote app_server assigned stippi bug normal R1
#5949 KDL: Could not read block 18110: bytesRead: -1, error: Operation timed out new axeld bug normal R1
#6059 FTPD receiving network data takes way too much CPU (rtl8139) new nobody bug normal R1
#6937 ShowImage 100% zoom not 100%. assigned nobody enhancement normal R1
#6938 ShowImage read-ahead cache does not move along with navigation new axeld bug normal R1
#6939 ShowImage imposes weird minimum image size depending on window size assigned nobody bug normal R1
#7254 Mail status setting changes not picked up while fetching mail new czeidler bug normal R1
#7388 Hiding views or their parent which have a tool tip scheduled to be shown still shows the tool tip. new stippi bug normal R1
#7389 Hiding view or parent does not automatically hide the tool tip when it's showing new stippi bug normal R1
#9274 ext2: Copying files stalls and requires reboot new korli bug normal R1
#10037 ActivityMonitor replicant locks up Tracker upon startup reopened axeld bug normal R1
#10406 NFS4: System hangs after copying gigabytes of data (?) new pdziepak bug normal R1
#10409 NFS4: KDL trying to delete an empty folder new pdziepak bug normal R1
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