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#6346 KDL after unmounting an image file on a partition that is mounted read-only assigned nobody bug normal R1
#7273 Request: Allow renaming of mail filters assigned czeidler bug normal R1
#7374 Rule filters are ignored when fetching mail assigned czeidler bug normal R1
#7698 Tracking ticket for missing or incomplete localization assigned pulkomandy enhancement normal R1
#7811 USB Wacom Volito doesn't work assigned stippi bug normal R1
#7812 [SATdecorator] Stacked windows no longer stacked after reboot new czeidler bug normal Unscheduled
#11900 [Haiku-64bit] WebPositive can't start due to missing sqlite library - sqlite hpkg present but can't be expanded assigned bonefish bug normal Unscheduled
#12347 [regression] What happened to the mailbox deskbar replicant? in-progress axeld bug normal Unscheduled
#12486 [WebPositive] favicon not changed after going back new pulkomandy bug normal Unscheduled
#13751 Intel Atom (ValleyView Mobile) not correctly supported by intel_extreme driver new kallisti5 bug normal R1/beta2
#14441 [mail_daemon] high CPU usage (POP3Protocol::SendCommand Bug! Had to flush 0 bytes:) new axeld bug normal Unscheduled
#14820 regression: won't boot until iprowifi2100 blacklisted new nobody bug normal Unscheduled
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