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#15188 Touchpad Buttons don't work new nobody bug normal Unscheduled
#15189 BTextControl right alignment error new nobody bug low Unscheduled
#15191 KDL on boot acer aspire one new waddlesplash bug normal Unscheduled
#5000 Additional Deskbar click behaviour assigned nobody enhancement normal
#5160 ppc: boot_loader_openfirmware hangs with SATA controller connected assigned nobody bug normal
#5164 [boot_loader_openfirmware] panic: out of page table entries in-progress andreasf bug normal
#5195 Cardbus bridge detected, but attached devices are not new nobody enhancement normal
#6164 ppc: PANIC: arch_int_init_post_device_manager(): Found no supported PIC! assigned mmu_man bug normal
#6247 [pci] ppc: PCI does not support "grackle"-compatible device new nobody enhancement normal
#6529 Implement resizing of partitions new stippi enhancement low
#7830 Extend jam to track the contents of variables during the build. new bonefish enhancement normal
#9731 Crash on loading from Haiku BootCD assigned mmlr bug normal
#9732 Crash mount server on unmount Flash Drive new stippi bug normal
#12733 IMAP worker thread segfaulted new czeidler bug normal
#6351 DHCP settings of different cards are mixed up new nobody enhancement normal
#7949 MSI 6877 Wifi Card Driver. new nobody enhancement normal
#8485 Radeon HD 6770 - driver now works, but second display remains black. new kallisti5 bug normal
#8660 no SiS IGP drivers new nobody enhancement normal
#13936 PC does not shutdown after system update. reopened tqh bug normal
#14192 Add Skylake GT4 support new kallisti5 enhancement normal
#14193 Add Broadwell support in-progress waddlesplash enhancement normal
#14194 Add Kabylake graphics support new kallisti5 enhancement normal
#14195 Add Coffee Lake graphics support new kallisti5 enhancement normal
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