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#726 duplicate ICO Translator doesn't reject bad input bitmaps in Identify 3dEyes darkwyrm

The ICO translator, when set to enforce proper icon sizes, rejects input bitmaps with bad sizes in Translate, but not Identify. The result is that it can be chosen to translate an image, but it won't actually do the deed.

This can be reproduced by opening an image in ShowImage and dragging a selection larger than 48x48 pixels to the desktop. ShowImage spits back an error about not being able to save the bitmap clipping.

#4462 fixed Accessing a 0-length file on NTFS volume freezes the accessing application 3dEyes rogueeve

On my system R1/alpha1, revision 33000 copying or attempting to open a file with a length of 0 which resides on an NTFS volume will lock up the application which was attempting to access it.

Steps to reproduce:

  • Create a 0-length file on an NTFS volume FROM WINDOWS. This bug did not occur when creating the file from Haiku.
  • Boot back into Haiku and mount the NTFS volume either ro or rw.
  • Using "cp" or the tracker, attempt to copy the file onto your BFS volume.
  • The tracker/terminal locks up. This also occurs if you attempt other types of accesses, for example, "cat".
#4877 fixed While moving a folder from NTFS -> BFS tracker is skipping files inside folder 3dEyes streak

While moving a folder from NTFS -> BFS tracker is skipping files inside folder

for example, while we have a folder with these content:


file1.txt file2.txt file3.txt file4.txt

and we moving it into BFS partition tracker's skipping few files inside "examplefolder" and on BFS partition we have incompleted folder structure after moving whole folder from NTFS:


file1.txt file3.txt

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