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#8836 invalid pthread_join on a detached pthread crashes nobody 0x0dev

pthread_join should return EINVAL if the thread cannot be joined. -

A thread in a detached state cannot be joined -

It would appear that the correct behavior would be to modify the pthread_join implementation to return EINVAL if the caller attempts to join a detached thread.

Attached is an excerpt from a POSIX compatibility test that covers this specific functionality. (2-1.c). This test crashes on rev 44457, producing the error in backtrack.txt.

Attached is also a patch to amend pthread_join's behavior.

#9671 fixed sysinfo misses some extended features kallisti5 0xffea

bin/sysinfo shows not all features it should know about.

#6234 fixed Expander lacks a space before filename in decompression notification string pulkomandy 2ck

In the expander window, when decompressing, the string

Decompression du fichier<filename>

lacks a space after 'fichier'.

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