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#14871 fixed Scrollbars becoming inactive after resize waddlesplash humdinger

This is hrev52827.

Invoke TextSearch on some files and search for a term that'll be found often, so the result list will be large enough for scrollbar knobs to appear.
After resizing the TextSearch window, the scrollbar knobs disappear and contents cannot be scrolled anymore. Mouse wheel doesn't work. The selection can be moved with the cursor keys, but the view won't be scrolled when they move out of the visible view area.

#14870 duplicate 'Permissions' displays some terms partially jscipione -Meanwhile-

Seen in hrev 52824

#14868 duplicate KDL after dd if=/dev/random if=/dev/disk... nobody bullfrog

Recent nightly, x86_64 Doing a disk wipe for a friend, I ran into a KDL after running:

dd if=/dev/random of=/dev/disk/(path_to_raw_sata_drive) status=progress


dd if=/dev/zero of=/dev/disk/(path_to_raw_sata_drive) status=progress

dd operation completes the disk wipe, kdls at exit.

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