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#4974 fixed Tracker cant see all files / folders on NTFS partitions 3dEyes streak

The problem i have is still present on newest nightly builds and first time i found it in 1'st alpha from sept'09. The problem is: When having in NTFS folder a lot of files / folders sometimes [ completely random ] tracker lost some files / folders. If this occurs haiku generates cpu's heavy load [ previously 10% , and while heavy load about 50-60% ].

The important fact is: When tracker's find a folders / files, and you'll reneme it , renamed folder/file disappears and reveal "not seen previously" file or folder.


i have in folder files/folders like:

  • dvd-folder
  • dvd2-folder
  • ex-file.txt
  • ex-file2.txt

and point the tracker into this folder, tracker's find only "dvd-folder" and "ex-file.txt" file

when i rename "ex-file.txt" to example: "1.txt" it disappears and reveals not seen "ex-file2.txt" file.

Black magic, i say. Im guessing its problem with NTFS handling and not the tracker.

btw. This problem could be widely releated to: [ both tickets are mine ]

#5044 fixed Can't mount NTFS drives on new rev 34288 3dEyes streak

Can't mount NTFS drives on new rev34288. Im getting "Operation not supported" on NTFS drives, but on rev34164 everything was fine. Mounting / Unmounting works with NTFS on rev34164

#5667 fixed Update NTFS-3G to latest stable 3dEyes jonas.kirilla
Description says "The latest stable version is ntfs-3g-2010.3.6, released on March 7, 2010.

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