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#14990 fixed Unbootable system after an update nobody khallebal

Updated from hrev52983 to hrev53029, system hangs at the rocket icon. syslog attached.

#14988 fixed Invite Link to Community Discord is Invalid or Expired waddlesplash dipper

The Discord invite link listed on the IRC Channels page is expired and/or invalid. The page in question is:

An active discord link appears to be posted in the Discussion forum at:

Should the current Discord link be updated to the link provided there?

#14987 fixed [investigate] ntohl error in u-boot build on arm bonefish adamfowleruk

I spotted this in the build logs when building bootstrap. Doesn't seem to break the build, but wanted to flag it up.

/work/generated.arm/objects/haiku/arm/packaging/repositories/HaikuPortsCross-build/packages/libsolv_bootstrap_source-0.3.0_haiku_2014_12_22-1-source.hpkg does not have a cross-devel package defined!
../src/haiku/src/system/boot/platform/u-boot/menu.cpp: In function 'void platform_add_menus(Menu*)':
../src/haiku/src/system/boot/platform/u-boot/menu.cpp:18:12: warning: unused variable 'item' [-Wunused-variable]
  MenuItem *item;
../src/haiku/src/system/boot/platform/u-boot/cpu.cpp:35:3: warning: #warning U-Boot:TODO!! [-Wcpp]
  #warning U-Boot:TODO!!
../src/haiku/src/system/boot/platform/u-boot/uimage.cpp: In function 'void dump_uimage(image_header*)':
../src/haiku/src/system/boot/platform/u-boot/uimage.cpp:21:25: error: 'ntohl' was not declared in this scope
  dprintf("magic: %x\n", ntohl(image->ih_magic));
../src/haiku/src/system/boot/platform/u-boot/uimage.cpp: In function 'bool image_multi_getimg(image_header*, uint32, uint32*, uint32*)':
../src/haiku/src/system/boot/platform/u-boot/uimage.cpp:53:11: warning: comparison between signed and unsigned integer expressions [-Wsign-compare]
   if (idx == i) {
../src/haiku/src/system/boot/platform/u-boot/uimage.cpp:55:12: error: 'ntohl' was not declared in this scope
    *size = ntohl(sizes[i]);
../src/haiku/src/system/boot/platform/u-boot/uimage.cpp:58:12: error: 'ntohl' was not declared in this scope
   base += (ntohl(sizes[i]) + 3) & ~3;

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