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#7678 fixed wifi no longer connecting after upgrading from r41945 to r 42061 nobody 6foot3

Having done the upgrade, the network status deskbar preflet now shows "/dev/net/atheroswifi/0: link" for my wifi interface and does not show my wired interface at all. Currently I'm running a live session of hrev41945 off a usb flash drive and it shows "/dev/net/atheroswifi/0: Ready" and "/dev/net/rtl81xx/0: No link". I have both before and after syslogs but, I'm only attaching the after one. If anyone wants to see the before one, just say the word.

#7680 duplicate No sound with HDA on intel N10 (NM10 Express chipset) korli 6foot3

Media preferences looks sort of normal to me. Movies and mp3 are played by the media player and the sound level meters show as if audio should be heard. Strangely enough, my desktop which uses a desktop version of the same chip and chipset family, Intel Atom Pine Trail has no issues whatsoever. The netbook uses the Atom N450 while the desktop uses the D525 and they both use an Intel NM10 Express chipset. Intel claims to have shipped 100 million Atom cpus over the last three years.

In light of ticket #7666, I thought I should open this ticket. I also see similar behaviour on my laptop so I'm guessing that this is a fairly common issue. If I should not be opening this as a separate ticket please let me know what I should do

#9114 fixed Can join hidden wireless network using command line only nobody 6foot3

When the wwireless network is not beoadcasting it's SSID, it still shows up as in the Nework Status applet and the Network Preferences window but trying to join it by clicking on it brings up an error message "Could not join wireless network: Invalid Argument"

Using the terminal, it is sometimes possible to join a open network that is not broadcasting it's SSID by issuing the "ifconfig [device name] join [network name]. Issuing this command pops up the dialog that allows you to enter the password but, it correctly assigns the "security" as open. All you have to do is click on the connect button and under the right conditions a succesful connection is made. I have not been able to figure out what causes it not to work at times or what precise steps to follow to get it to work every time.

When using the GUI, instead of complaining about "Invalid Argument", shouldn't it just pop up the connecction dialog and allow the user to enter the network name. I have not tested it on a network that is not broadcasting it's SSID and has it's security enabled.

This bug was filed using a netbook running haiku alpha 4 RC hrev44662, connected to the network in question.

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