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#14980 fixed Update pci.ids to latest version nobody adamfowleruk

As used for PCI device detection.

Latest (2019-03-22):

Will be relevant to fix #14977 (I believe on current reading there is a need to detect the correct Cannonlake PCI information in order to determine it's I2C address)

Logged separately as it has wider implications to the Haiku kernel generally

#14975 fixed Magnify: cannot move mouse cursor with Opt+arrows nobody KapiX

User Guide says mouse cursor can be moved pixel by pixel with Opt+arrow keys. It actually changes the active window.

#14965 invalid Terminal doesn't change the shown path after unmount jackburton leemon

After unmounting an image in which the terminal is the terminal change the path but shows the old path.

How to reproduce:

Mount a QEMU image via right mouse button menu, the icon of the disk should apper on the desktop. cd to the mounted directory in the terminal. Click on the desktop icon with the right mouse button -> unmount. Type 'pwd' in the terminal. The old path is still shown. Type 'ls' - lists entries from another folder.

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