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#14509 duplicate [HaikuDepot] Highlighting multiple packages installs only one package stippi adamfowleruk

searched for cmake. Clicked on cmake, shift clicked on extra_cmake_modules to highlight both. Clicked install.

Only extra_cmake_modules was installed. CMake still said 'available'. extra_cmake_modules showed as installed. Both items remained highlighted in the UI.

#14512 fixed [kernel] KDL building perl5 with latest haikuporter waddlesplash adamfowleruk

Not sure if this is a porter or Haiku issue, so reporting in both places.

Cloned the latest haikuporter. ran ./haikuporter -S --all-dependencies ne to build the ne editor

After a while, it eventually tries to build perl5. At this point Haiku crashes. It is fully reproduceable as per the 2 attached images.


Haiku Porter issue:

#14565 duplicate [mail_daemon] crash in imap connection worker axeld adamfowleruk

Experienced a few crashes. Originally thought it was due to using imap to gmail in mal, but have experienced it in other apps since. Seems to be a common factor amongst core dumps, so logging all in one single bug report.

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