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Ticket Summary Owner Type Priority Milestone Component
#5697 setwep: wrap it in a GUI nobody enhancement normal R1/alpha3 Applications/Command Line Tools
#5752 Network connection for broadcom570x fails to start after boot mmlr bug high R1/alpha3 Drivers/Network
#5786 ReadOnlyBootPrompt is too ugly axeld enhancement normal R1/alpha3 Applications/FirstBootPrompt
#5792 Loading catalog add-ons needs to be hybrid build aware pulkomandy bug normal R1/alpha3 Kits/Locale Kit
#5793 Add a page for WebPositive in the user guide humdinger enhancement normal R1/alpha3 Documentation
#5816 Kernel out of memory bonefish bug normal R1/alpha3 System/Kernel
#5839 MIME types not recognised on NTFS - cant play music / video from NTFS partition mmu_man bug normal R1/alpha3 File Systems/NTFS
#5871 Backgrounds prefs crash by open favorites axeld bug normal R1/alpha3 Applications/Tracker
#5872 [patch] added syslog and device 02e2 to nvidia driver/accelerant rudolfc enhancement normal R1/alpha3 Drivers/Graphics/nVidia
#5882 Installer cuts words on some custom languages (including the default english). korli bug normal R1/alpha3 Applications/Installer
#5897 "Defaults" button has no effect, "Revert" is never enabled pulkomandy bug normal R1/alpha3 Preferences/Locale
#5899 mail sends repeatedly forever, despite getting through czeidler bug critical R1/alpha3 Kits/Mail Kit
#5910 bg-download-box.png alpha 2 haiku-web enhancement normal R1/alpha3 Website
#5914 Partially clipped information about copied objects yourpalal bug normal R1/alpha3 Applications/Tracker
#5915 KDL while extracting zip files using unzip axeld bug high R1/alpha3 File Systems/BFS
#6723 Certain burned Haiku install CDs have issues with Installer failing on Nightly builds/Live CD nobody bug normal R1/alpha3 - General
#6892 BePDF doesn't run for runtime loader error bonefish bug normal R1/alpha3 System/runtime_loader
#6944 Slide Show does not slide. axeld bug normal R1/alpha3 Applications/ShowImage
#7082 User guide export broken VinDuv bug blocker R1/alpha3 Website/Userguide Translator
#7286 webpositive has broken https scottmc bug blocker R1/alpha3 Applications/WebPositive
#7309 Optional packages: Paladin needs to be rebuilt scottmc bug normal R1/alpha3 - General
#7367 sshd fails to load, due to missing directory /var/empty stippi bug normal R1/alpha3 Applications/Installer
#7377 svn and neon broken with recent optional packages scottmc bug normal R1/alpha3 - General
#7402 Transmission opt pkg missing scottmc bug normal R1/alpha3 - General
#7499 [broadcom43xx] KDL - PANIC: unsupport modulation type 88 korli bug normal R1/alpha3 Network & Internet/Wireless
#7514 KDL while building cmake using prerelease-r1a3 on vmware bonefish bug normal R1/alpha3 System/Kernel
#7517 [ReadOnlyBootPrompt] Wrong flag for Swedish stippi bug high R1/alpha3 Applications/FirstBootPrompt
#7534 Tracking Ticket for alpha3 OptionalPackages that have problems scottmc bug high R1/alpha3 Applications/Command Line Tools
#7535 trac version R1/alpha3 needs to be added nielx enhancement normal R1/alpha3 Website/Trac
#7553 [ReadOnlyBootPrompt] Custom keymap defaults to US-International axeld bug normal R1/alpha3 Applications/FirstBootPrompt
#7572 Unable to initialize BFS on usb disk stippi bug blocker R1/alpha3 Applications/DriveSetup
#7577 [ShowImage] opening screenshot and going fullscreen doesn't resize an image leavengood bug normal R1/alpha3 Applications/ShowImage
#7588 [Screen] Refresh rate menu is not visible anymore axeld bug normal R1/alpha3 Preferences/Screen
#7589 Two chinese languages pulkomandy bug normal R1/alpha3 Kits/Locale Kit
#7595 Can't start BootManager axeld bug normal R1/alpha3 Applications/Installer
#7609 Automatically download & install R1 Alpha 3 ReleaseNotes leavengood enhancement high R1/alpha3 Build System
#7610 add ReleaseAddendum and ReportedIssues as bookmarks. leavengood enhancement high R1/alpha3 Applications/WebPositive
#7678 wifi no longer connecting after upgrading from r41945 to r 42061 nobody bug normal R1/alpha3 Network & Internet
#7699 Update r1a3-rc logo nobody bug normal R1/alpha3 Applications
#3462 network problem axeld bug low R1/alpha4 Drivers/Network/rtl8139
#5715 Can't set native resolution kallisti5 enhancement normal R1/alpha4 Drivers/Graphics/radeon_hd
#6035 Add webm and vp8 support to mediakit nobody enhancement normal R1/alpha4 Audio & Video/Codecs
#7371 [OpenGL] reduce window width kallisti5 enhancement normal R1/alpha4 Preferences/GLInfo
#7707 Github's SSL Cert does not work in Git/Wget scottmc bug blocker R1/alpha4 Network & Internet
#7742 SWAP file constantly recreated, takes up alot of space axeld bug normal R1/alpha4 Preferences/VirtualMemory
#8059 Ati driver isues on Asus 1215b kallisti5 enhancement normal R1/alpha4 Drivers/Graphics/radeon_hd
#8085 SMI storm on USB handover on AMD 970/SB950 AMD AM3+ UEFI motherboard mmlr bug normal R1/alpha4 System/Kernel
#8124 Regression: Folder names are no longer translated leavengood bug normal R1/alpha4 Kits/Locale Kit
#8289 Vesa driver is used on AMD C-50 or AMD C-60 Apu's kallisti5 bug normal R1/alpha4 Drivers/Graphics/radeon_hd
#8294 GL_INVALID_OPERATION in glReadPixels(no readbuffer) kallisti5 bug blocker R1/alpha4 Kits/OpenGL Kit
#8310 Screen resolution distorted on eeepc 1215B kallisti5 bug normal R1/alpha4 Drivers/Graphics/radeon_hd
#8318 transmeta crusoe: Illegal instruction in kallisti5 bug blocker R1/alpha4 Kits/OpenGL Kit
#8329 Regression: Mode setting issues on hardware with Kaleidoscope encoders kallisti5 bug critical R1/alpha4 Drivers/Graphics/radeon_hd
#8330 Regression: Acer Travelmate 800 only boots in safe mode, start of net_server freezes system kallisti5 bug normal R1/alpha4 System/Kernel
#8331 Garbled screen on AMD Radeon HD 6320 kallisti5 bug normal R1/alpha4 Drivers/Graphics/radeon_hd
#8346 Latest nightlies crash upon boot in Virtual Box kallisti5 bug blocker R1/alpha4 User Interface
#8348 GL Teapot crashing in VirtualBox (but not in VMware) kallisti5 bug critical R1/alpha4 Kits/OpenGL Kit
#8354 Missing symbols for BeAE axeld bug normal R1/alpha4 Kits/Interface Kit
#8358 The screensaver applet no longer works in gcc4 images / BControlLook issue axeld bug blocker R1/alpha4 Kits/Interface Kit
#8369 boot image ( ISO and vmdk ) anevilyak bug blocker R1/alpha4 File Systems/ISO 9660
#8375 The 'Flurry' screensaver doesn't work kallisti5 bug normal R1/alpha4 Preferences/ScreenSaver
#8408 Invalid b+tree after installing axeld bug blocker R1/alpha4 File Systems/BFS
#8438 BFS Insertion KDL on checkfs run of newly formatted partition. axeld bug critical R1/alpha4 File Systems/BFS
#8478 File disappears when sorted by "Modified" and right clicked. anevilyak bug normal R1/alpha4 Applications/Tracker
#8523 [Deskbar] Targeted handler does not belong to the looper anevilyak bug blocker R1/alpha4 Applications/Deskbar
#8603 [wpa_supplicant] binary is corrupted in the nightlies mmadia bug normal R1/alpha4 - General
#8615 Intel 810 Video Driver Addition nobody enhancement normal R1/alpha4 Drivers/Graphics/intel_810
#8664 updated libxml2 packages have unnecessary dependency on liblzma scottmc bug high R1/alpha4 - General
#8714 Quick left click then right click in Tracker acts like double left click. aldeck bug high R1/alpha4 Applications/Tracker
#8719 CMake 2.8.4 requires recompilation for latest nightly builds scottmc bug normal R1/alpha4 - General
#8720 XZ-Utils 5.0.1 requires recompilation for latest nightly builds. scottmc bug normal R1/alpha4 - General
#8729 gcc4 Debugger crash anevilyak bug normal R1/alpha4 Applications/Debugger
#8841 3rd party applications localization support was broken in hrev44041. zooey bug normal R1/alpha4 Kits/Locale Kit
#8861 [ReadOnlyBootPrompt] Add missing flags stippi bug normal R1/alpha4 Applications/FirstBootPrompt
#8870 Exiting Quake3 causes "read fault" KDL every time. anevilyak bug critical R1/alpha4 Network & Internet/IPv6
#8893 Haiku User guide lists wifi wpa encryption as not available nielx bug normal R1/alpha4 Documentation
#8910 Kernel panic during usage + overwrote a file on BFS when paniced. axeld bug blocker R1/alpha4 System/Kernel
#8926 Add setting for showing double scrollbar arrows, disabled by default leavengood bug normal R1/alpha4 User Interface
#8927 "" file can not be found. scottmc bug high R1/alpha4 Build System
#8938 Tracking Ticket for r1alpha4 OptionalPackages that have problems scottmc bug normal R1/alpha4 - General
#8941 demopackage_image OptionalPackage is missing humdinger bug blocker R1/alpha4 - General
#8942 KDL - Panic: no space in log after sync axeld bug blocker R1/alpha4 System/Kernel
#9026 Disable folder name localization in Alpha 4 pulkomandy bug blocker R1/alpha4 Kits/Locale Kit
#9036 Rebuilt BeZillaBrowser for R1/alpha 4 leavengood enhancement high R1/alpha4 Build System
#9042 pre-alpha4 anyboot image is oversized for a CD kallisti5 bug blocker R1/alpha4 - General
#9043 Regression: Haiku boots in Vesa-Mode on AMD Radeon HD 6320 kallisti5 bug normal R1/alpha4 Drivers/Graphics/radeon_hd
#9080 IMAP - needs to be reverted or disabled for alpha4 kallisti5 bug critical R1/alpha4 Servers/mail_daemon
#9082 NTFS files have entries but no matching files on the filesystem 3dEyes bug critical R1/alpha4 File Systems/NTFS
#9122 installoptionalpackage needs to pull from r1alpha4 nobody bug critical R1/alpha4 - General
#9128 Network Deadlock in R1A4 axeld bug normal R1/alpha4 Network & Internet/Stack
#9133 typos in R1A4 ReleaseNotes bug normal R1/alpha4 Documentation
#5 PCI bus_manager does not assign IRQs mmlr bug high R1/beta1 System/Kernel
#35 Implement a TTY module layer mmlr enhancement blocker R1/beta1 Drivers/TTY
#1078 Create a GUI debugger bonefish enhancement low R1/beta1 Applications/Debugger
#1607 00:12.0 IDE interface: ATI Technologies Inc 4379 Serial ATA Controller (rev 80) marcusoverhagen bug normal R1/beta1 Drivers/Disk/ATA
#2412 [Time] Integrate NTP client leavengood enhancement normal R1/beta1 Preferences/Time & Date
#4157 File Descriptor Disconnect Handling Broken axeld bug high R1/beta1 System/Kernel
#4315 PS/2 mouse and keyboard won't work on HP530 laptop siarzhuk bug high R1/beta1 Drivers/Keyboard/PS2
#4619 Tracker for Haiku internationalization progress pulkomandy enhancement blocker R1/beta1 Kits/Locale Kit
#4974 Tracker cant see all files / folders on NTFS partitions 3dEyes bug normal R1/beta1 File Systems/NTFS
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