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#3855 MediaPlayer doesn't play from file beginning closed stippi bug
#4029 pthread_cancel() not yet implemented closed nobody bug
#5915 KDL while extracting zip files using unzip closed axeld bug
#6642 broblem compiling Haiku under itself. closed bonefish bug
#2117 Many translator's about box text is clipped (easy) closed nobody bug
#2503 ftp crashed closed axeld bug
#2697 [MediaPlayer] slider seeking in video file does not properly seek sound closed marcusoverhagen bug
#2964 [MediaPlayer] slider won't go until the end after audio been played closed marcusoverhagen bug
#3335 Error "vm_page_fault" with boot LiveCD closed axeld bug
#3408 Function missing strtold closed axeld enhancement
#3804 getaddrinfo() reported buggy by Python ./configure script closed scottmc bug
#4175 MediaPlayer crashes when seeking closed dlmcpaul bug
#4204 Incorporation of GCC 4.4 closed jprostko enhancement
#4209 Updated versions of libvorbis and libogg available closed marcusoverhagen enhancement
#4501 video/x-flv mime type missing closed stippi enhancement
#4600 Problem playing MKV files closed dlmcpaul bug
#4620 Some Xvid files don't play in MediaPlayer closed dlmcpaul bug
#4653 OGG Theora support in MediaPlayer closed dlmcpaul bug
#4701 [MediaPlayer] "Play background clips at" setting is always "Full volume". closed marcusoverhagen bug
#4867 Remove "make", "mkdepend" from source tree, move to OptionalPackage:DevelopmentBase closed scottmc bug
#4887 Mediaplayer interaction from external application closed marcusoverhagen enhancement
#5128 Booting on Shuttle SN41G2 (Nvidia Nforce2 chipset) only possible within Safe Mode closed nobody bug
#5276 MediaPlayer crash at start when trying to restore playlist but file is gone closed stippi bug
#5319 Add iSCSI boot support closed andreasf enhancement
#5459 MediaPlayer freezes system when seeking .flac files closed stippi bug
#5592 [Tracker] creating folder with the same name shows a replace dialog which seems to be broken closed axeld bug
#5614 Layouting should have default spacing closed yourpalal enhancement
#5624 [CharacterMap] selected font should be check marked closed phoudoin bug
#5736 LayoutBug, AlignLayoutWith, SplitLayout closed axeld bug
#5784 Improvement of some posix headers for gcc2 closed bonefish bug
#5901 Change <code> blocks on website to use 4 spaces per tab. closed haiku-web bug
#5935 MediaPlayer crash everytime after loading MKV file closed stippi bug
#5965 R1A2 CD artwork closed nobody enhancement
#6011 Mediaplayer drops frames a lot and then freezes closed stippi bug
#6102 Terminal doesn't start up at correct size closed mmadia bug
#6108 add more Wacom Bamboo devices closed stippi enhancement
#6130 ATAPI drive not always working with r36986 and later closed axeld bug
#6219 mediaplayer playback chokes with a few videos closed stippi bug
#6262 Small issues with the attachment flags closed nielx bug
#6266 Implement GLUT game functions closed phoudoin enhancement
#6283 Obsolete patches aren't strike-through anymore closed nielx bug
#6311 KeyError: fields closed haiku-web bug
#6335 Can't open CD drive file descriptor closed marcusoverhagen bug
#6393 no support for nvidia chipset ATX Geforce8300 closed nobody bug
#6443 [FileTypes] untranslated string "Add" (patch) closed phoudoin bug
#6467 [Mail] window title is not translated (patch) closed phoudoin bug
#6499 getsubopt function missing from C library closed zooey bug
#6521 Page fault in recent gcc4-hyrbrid images on boot with intel wifi 2200 closed axeld bug
#6524 Launching network preflet from NetworkStatus failes closed nobody bug
#6525 ICO Translator's about box text is clipped closed yourpalal bug
#6527 USB Not Working closed mmlr bug
#6528 Serial Keyboard and Mouse do not work closed nobody bug
#6530 [Terminal] Artifacts in drawing of window. Part II. closed pulkomandy bug
#6541 ActivityMonitor only using 4 colors on 8 CPUs. closed phoudoin enhancement
#6547 Fixes for more layout problems in AboutSystem and Installer caused by r38512 closed yourpalal bug
#6549 Use system cursors for Grab / Grabbing cursors in preferences/backgrounds/BackgroundsView.cpp closed korli enhancement
#6551 [DiskUsage] Sizes should be shown as binary prefixes (PiB, GiB, MiB) instead of decimal prefixes (PB, GB, MB). closed nobody bug
#6552 [Expander] Spacing bug. closed korli bug
#6554 [MediaConverter] About window bug. closed bug
#6557 [nvidia] support for Geforce 7025 closed rudolfc enhancement
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