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Ticket Summary Component Owner Type Priority Version
#1607 00:12.0 IDE interface: ATI Technologies Inc 4379 Serial ATA Controller (rev 80) Drivers/Disk/ATA marcusoverhagen bug normal R1/pre-alpha1
#12357 AHCI unsupported request opcode Drivers/Disk nobody bug critical R1/Development
#11285 [AMD Radeon HD 6320] blank screen Drivers/Graphics/radeon_hd kallisti5 bug normal R1/Development
#8322 Black Screen on digital connector mode set. Drivers/Graphics/radeon_hd kallisti5 bug blocker R1/Development
#12716 Blurry display with intel_extreme driver Drivers/Graphics/intel_extreme kallisti5 bug normal R1/Development
#12026 Disable non-working Radeon HD cards Drivers/Graphics/radeon_hd kallisti5 task critical R1/Development
#5838 Enabled ACPI , but cant install Battery Bar Replicant in tray. Drivers/ACPI czeidler bug normal R1/Development
#9098 Haiku Alpha/Nightlies fails to show slave drives on Asus 990FX with AHCI enabled. Drivers/Disk marcusoverhagen bug high R1/Development
#14153 Haiku install ISO drops into KDL right after the splash screen Drivers/Network korli bug high R1/Development
#12677 Haiku is now slow to boot (it hangs for a while at the disk icon) Drivers/Disk nobody bug normal R1/Development
#35 Implement a TTY module layer Drivers/TTY mmlr enhancement blocker R1/Development
#7999 Intel 2915ABG wlan : firmware stuck in state 4 Drivers/Network nobody bug normal R1/Development
#10878 [intel_extreme] 1600x900 is not supported (regression) Drivers/Graphics/intel_extreme korli bug normal R1/Development
#14333 intel_extreme: attempting to clone non-user-cloneable kernel area! Drivers/Graphics/intel_extreme waddlesplash bug normal R1/Development
#9321 intel_extreme driver needs Ivy Bridge support Drivers/Graphics/intel_extreme kallisti5 enhancement normal R1/Development
#12927 [intel_extreme] Native LVDS mode rejected by driver Drivers/Graphics/intel_extreme kallisti5 bug critical R1/Development
#9343 intel extreme needs rc6 power downclocking Drivers/Graphics/intel_extreme axeld enhancement low R1/Development
#9371 IvyBridge: After DPMS, screen never turns back on Drivers/Graphics/intel_extreme nobody bug normal R1/Development
#12549 KDL booting hrev49947 x86_gcc2 Drivers/ACPI waddlesplash bug high R1/Development
#13984 KDL: SMAP violation Drivers/USB mmlr bug normal R1/Development
#10717 KDL trying to mount boot filesystem during bootup Drivers/Disk waddlesplash bug blocker R1/Development
#9187 pcnet 3 crashes on x86_64 Drivers/Network/pcnet xyzzy bug high R1/Development
#4315 PS/2 mouse and keyboard won't work on HP530 laptop Drivers/Keyboard/PS2 siarzhuk bug high
#13343 QEMU XHCI Devices not bootable Drivers/USB/XHCI nobody bug high R1/Development
#10536 Radeon drivers broken hrev46860 Drivers/Graphics/radeon_hd kallisti5 bug high R1/Development
#13693 radeon_hd: Enable for FirePro W4100 Drivers/Graphics/radeon_hd kallisti5 bug normal R1/Development
#8040 Radeon HD IGP (integrated) chipsets cause app_server crash / gdb Drivers/Graphics/radeon_hd kallisti5 bug normal R1/Development
#8001 Regression: intel_extreme mode setting Drivers/Graphics/intel_extreme pulkomandy bug critical R1/Development
#12415 Removeable media AHCI port reset bug Drivers/Disk kallisti5 bug blocker R1/Development
#14246 rtl81xx kernel panic (in m_free()) after update Drivers/Network/rtl81xx nobody bug normal R1/Development
#14443 S3 SMAP Violation at boot. Drivers/Graphics/S3 nobody bug normal R1/Development
#5879 Unexpected exception in kernel mode - SpeedStep driver Drivers/ACPI pdziepak bug normal R1/Development

Resolution: invalid (3 matches)

Ticket Summary Component Owner Type Priority Version
#14185 KDL: SMAP violation (XHCI) Drivers/USB/XHCI korli bug critical R1/Development
#7485 Unable to perform raw read of ATAPI disk device Drivers/Disk marcusoverhagen bug normal R1/Development
#7516 Video not working for Intel82845G (possible regression?) Drivers/Graphics/intel_extreme axeld bug normal R1/Development

Resolution: duplicate (8 matches)

Ticket Summary Component Owner Type Priority Version
#11508 ahci sata boot failure Drivers/Disk nobody bug normal R1/Development
#11284 [ATI 6320] blank screen Drivers/Graphics/ati gerald.zajac bug normal R1/Development
#10750 Can't boot from USB3 port: "PANIC: did not find any boot partitions!" on hrev47105-x86gcc2hybrid-anyboot Drivers/USB mmlr bug normal R1/Development
#10565 Haiku KDLs right as desktop appears Drivers/Graphics/radeon_hd kallisti5 bug normal R1/Development
#11202 Page fault in net_server Drivers/Network/iprowifi4965 nobody bug normal R1/Development
#9171 PANIC when booting R1alpha4.1 ISO on Windows Virtual PC Drivers/Disk marcusoverhagen bug normal R1/alpha4.1
#9179 Unhandled page fault panic during boot: `attansic_l1` driver Drivers/Network/attansic_l1 3dEyes bug normal R1/alpha4.1
#9349 Wireless adapter Broadcom 4312 not working after installing firmware Drivers/Network/broadcom43xx nobody enhancement normal R1/alpha4.1

Resolution: not reproducible (1 match)

Ticket Summary Component Owner Type Priority Version
#12376 HID usb stall on healthy usb device Drivers/USB/EHCI mmlr bug high R1/Development

Resolution: no change required (1 match)

Ticket Summary Component Owner Type Priority Version
#8442 Random UHCI GPF after machine up for ~1 hour. Drivers/USB mmlr bug high R1/Development
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