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#1598 fixed stippi kvdman


Bepodder might be a nice app to bring to Haiku :)

Actually, it functions perfectly, that is, until you restart it. Then it hangs on 'parsing archive', and it shows up in a bt (screenshot attached).

If you empty the contents of /bepodder/archive, you can start bepodder normally again, but lose your subscriptions.

#14343 fixed яшерты keymap for Russian (Yawerty) nobody roiredxsoto

Good day everyone

I just made the "first approach" of a Yawerty Russian keymap to add to Keymap Switcher. This keymap is good for Non-Russian people who want to use a western keyboard with the phonetic mapping of the keys.

Attached is the file.

Regards, RR

#7253 fixed Zooming sticky at 1:1 leavengood jonas.kirilla

Make zooming sticky at 1:1, when using the mouse wheel. (Much like windows stick to screen borders, as if magnetic.)

Even if there was a scale indicator with a clear visual cue for 1:1 it's easy to overshoot.

(Of course the scale doesn't matter most of the time, and keyboard shortcuts, like "Original size", are well worth learning.)

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