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#983 fixed xsltproc and libxslt fail to build under linux mphipps engima

Under Gentoo Linux and GCC4 the xlstproc and libxslt targets have various link and compile errors relating to maths libraries and the use of pthreads respectively, this occurs using jam -q doc_files.

Attached is a small patch to enable successful builds of these tools. I've managed to build all the documentation correctly on my machine under Linux, however I've not been able to test the patch against a BeOS or Haiku install as yet.

#2695 fixed [XSI] Implement SA_SIGINFO for sigaction bonefish andreasf

Haiku currently supports default POSIX signal handlers with no additional signal info, and BeOS' derived signal handlers with additional register access and user-supplied data.

Not yet supported are the extended POSIX signal handlers with siginfo_t and ucontext_t arguments. Some parts thereof are already prepared in the headers but commented out since not implemented on the kernel side.

I had recently submitted a first draft patch for the x86 kernel side signal frame setup. Some fields are not initialized yet, and some information is not (yet) easily obtainable according to Ingo.

#10601 fixed XRoger screen saver crashes in ScreenSaverRenderer korli jscipione

Segment violation in add_bezier_arc()

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