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#3502 invalid Haiku stops booting when checking partitioning_system axeld adamk

I have a dual Xeon that I am trying to install Haiku on. It's an intel ICH5 motherboard. I have a USB disk that I installed Haiku on from another machine and am attempting to boot off the USB disk. It works on one machine, but on this xeon, it stops booting with:

Welcome to the Haiku boot loader!

number of drives: 4

add_partitions_for(0x00105714, mountFS = no)

add_partitions_for(fd = 0, mountFS = no)

0x00105a90 Partition::Partition

0x00105a90 Partition::Scan()

check for partitioning_system: Amiga Partition Map

check for partitioning_system: EFI GUID Partition Map

check for partitioning_system: Intel Partition Map

priority: 810

check for partitioning_system: Intel Extended Partition

check for partitioning_system: Apple Partition Map

The Xeon has three ATA hard drives, with FreeBSD and Vista on two, and another one setup to use for Haiku, if I can get it to boot.

I am attaching the full serial debug log


#3597 not reproducible checkfs fails to check one specific partition. axeld adamk

I have a Haiku partition on /dev/disk/ata/0/master/3 (named Builder) and one on /dev/disk/usb/0/0/raw (named USB). If I try to run checkfs on Builder, whether I specify the volume name or the device path, and whether Builder or USB is the root drive, I get:

-> checkfs /dev/disk/ata/0/master/3 checkfs: Could not prepare the device for modifications: Invalid Argument

I was unable to run mkfs on it while running on USB (general OS error, iirc), so I booted off a BeOS CD, reinitialized the partition, and then copied my data back over. Only I still get the same error.

I can run checkfs on USB.

I have no reason to believe that the filesystem is screwed up on Builder, but I have had a number of crashes recently so I wanted to check the filesystem anyway. I'm putting this under "File Systems/BFS" since that seems like the most likely culprit.

I'm attaching the serial debug log.

#5170 fixed Changing "AUdio Input" or "Audio Output" drop down in Media panel causes Frame to jump to the right yourpalal adamk

I have both both the hda and emuxki driver enabled. If I go into the Media preferences and change the selected Audio input or Audio output, this happens:

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