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#3248 no change required PackageInstaller treeview sil2100 miqlas

The good old BeOS PackageInstaller have a handy feature taht i like: After selecting the target partition it shows a small window with a file tree, it shows where it want to put the files. Sorry, i don't found screenshot about it...

Can these feature add to our PackageInstaller?

#3343 no change required [Drupal] Recent comments doesn't link to proper page haiku-web diver

If a forum thread have more than one page then link to this thread in Recent comments will always link to the first page.

#3407 no change required missing program header GNU_STACK axeld Begasus

When trying to compile latest scummvm and trying to run it I came across a problem with the missing header GNU_STACK. Looks like this is generated by nasm when building the scaler graphics for scummvm. The lines where they are created are:

%ifidn OUTPUT_FORMAT,elf
section .note.GNU-stack noalloc noexec nowrite progbits

If I put a # to prevent them from being included scummvm still compiles fine and doesn't have the extra header anymore (found this after a tip from DeadYak with objdump).

Scummvm runs fine without it so question is, is it a scummvm or a haiku problem?

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