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#14756 duplicate XHCI / usb_disk: transfers stall nobody Berusik
#13792 fixed xhci: stall error does not recover nobody GregCrain

I have an early revision NEC USB 3.0 chip.

: PCI:   class_base 0c, class_function 03, class_api 30
: PCI:   vendor 1033: NEC Corporation
: PCI:   device 0194: uPD720200 USB 3.0 Host Controller
: PCI:   info: Serial bus controller (USB controller, XHCI)

usb xhci -1: interface version: 0x0096
usb xhci -1: structural parameters: 1:0x04000820 2:0x00000011 3:0x00000000
usb xhci -1: capability params: 0x014042cb

During normal operation, a sequence of events occurs and transfers seem ok:
usb xhci -1: SubmitTransfer()
usb xhci -1: Ding Dong! slot:1 endpoint 1
usb xhci -1: event[14] = 32 (0x000000000d8a1020 0x01000000 0x02018001)
usb xhci -1: slot=1 epno=1 remainder=0 status=1 halted=0

. . .

With some additional debugging code borrowed from FreeBSD:

/* check if error means halted */
halted = (completionCode != COMP_SHORT_PACKET &&
	    	completionCode != COMP_SUCCESS);

TRACE_ALWAYS("slot=%u epno=%u remainder=%lu status=%u halted=%u\n", slot, endpointNumber, remainder, completionCode, halted);

But at some point in the function

"HandleTransferComplete(xhci_trb* trb)", A Stall Error occurs.

usb xhci -1: slot=1 epno=1 remainder=9 status=6 halted=1

A Stall Error is reported by the status=6, TRB completion code.

Then at some point after:

usb error xhci -1: _LinkDescriptorForPipe max transfers count exceeded 8

There are no interrupts that occur after this.

It occurs very soon on my 0x0096 revision chipset, but I believe that it happens on other chipsets eventually.

The driver doesn't seem to recover from a Stall Error, or do anything. It eventually stops, and even though

usb xhci -1: SubmitTransfer()

transfers are being issued, no more interrupts occur.

#13767 fixed xhci: regression since hrev51536 nobody korli

booting with a USB 3.0 32GB key, mouse and keyboard connected to usb 3 ports. Since I updated to hrev51536:

  • keyboard stops working unexpectedly or at boot (it worked in the boot menu). I had for instance the tab key which stayed pressed.
  • mouse behaves weirdly sometimes (when holding a button for instance)
  • file cache had problems writing back to the disk (likely a timeout)

This setup didn't have these problems before (hrev51519). The recent commits probably made appear existing bugs in the driver, I don't know.

device Serial bus controller (USB controller, XHCI) [c|3|30]

vendor 8086: Intel Corporation device 8c31: 8 Series/C220 Series Chipset Family USB xHCI

listusb output:

413c:2107 /dev/bus/usb/0/2 "Dell Computer Corp." "Dell USB Entry Keyboard" ver. 0104
0461:4e22 /dev/bus/usb/0/4 "Primax Electronics, Ltd" "" ver. 0100
05dc:a83a /dev/bus/usb/0/5 "Lexar Media, Inc." "USB Flash Drive" ver. 1100
0000:0000 /dev/bus/usb/0/hub "HAIKU Inc." "XHCI RootHub" ver. 0300

I can't attach a meaningful syslog yet (full of port reset, etc). Request if needed.

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