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#7725 fixed Mouse Preference Popup Menu options can only be set by drag axeld Ziusudra

The two popup menu options in the Mouse Preference preflet can only be changed by clicking on the popup and releasing on the desired option. A click and release will open the menu but a click on an option will just close the popup.

#7726 fixed Time Preference preflet show time zone tooltip outside of list mmadia Ziusudra

See attached screenshot.

#9293 fixed Some Terminal enhancements siarzhuk Ziusudra

These fix most of the issues that I described over at HaikuPorts.

Patch 0001 adds a haiku termcap entry that accurately describes Terminal's current capabilities. This would fix #6424. (Issues such as #3164 and #6510 will probably be made worse unless the haiku termcap entry is installed on the remote or TERM is changed.)

Patch 0002 updates the master termcap.src. It also disables warnings in our ncurses.a; this is temporary. I'll be looking at better use of that termcap.src after the holidays.

Patch 0003 is just a style cleanup of TermParse.cpp.

Patch 0004 adds comments describing Terminal's terminfo/termcap capabilities.

Patch 0005 implements the other ACS characters that DejaVu has glyphs for.

Patch 0006 makes SGR codes 39 & 49 actually reset the color as IS_FORESET & IS_BACKSET are never used. Are they left over from something that got removed, or are they something that didn't get finished?

Patch 0007 fixes a bug I noticed while testing where SIGWINCH was not getting updated when the terminal size was changed by the Settings->Window size menu.

Patch 0008 just removes a few lines of duplicated code in TermView::AttachedToWindow.

Patch 0009 removes the SIGWINCH message, runner, handler and flag as they weren't used/needed.

There are still things I'm looking into. The already mentioned termcap.src, a terminfo entry (maybe eventually upstreamed to ncurses), cursor visibility, updating (or maybe removing) the in trunk ncurses, and maybe back color erase.

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