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#3657 no change required [styledEdit] cursor's behaviors in moving between lines in different font sizes korli chico
  1. open styledEdit.
  1. press key 's' a few seconds. make last a few characters larger.

  1. press two enter key( deal with the character string like the screenshot 'cursor-before').
  1. move your cursor to the third line, second column.
  1. press down-arraw key once.
  1. then you will the cursor goto the forth line, one column.


I am confused the column number is counted by the font size or the number of characters. If the font sizes are different between each line, how does the cursor move up and down?

#3670 no change required KDL inital menu axeld RandomInsano

When starting the KDL, either tell the user they're able to try and continue by typing 'continue' or maybe instead ask them if they want to debug the kernel. If they choose not to, try and continue processing.

It took me awhile to find out that I was able to actually get out of the KDL and it seems that many of the small blips that send me to the debug land aren't severe enough that I need to reboot. The word 'continue' takes awhile to type when you need to do it four times in a row :P

Kernel Error Occured:
What would you like to do
 >  Continue
    Continue (ignoring future errors)

(after trying to continue 5 times without success

We were unable to continue processing
What would you like to do
 >  Debug

Just an idea.

#3672 no change required Installer should reuse DriveSetup's visual partition view nobody jonas.kirilla

Installer's target dropdown is not all that friendly. (see attachment 1)

DriveSetup has got what Installer lacks. So steal it. (see attachment 2 and 3, pardon the crudeness)

(Or suck it in as a replicant. Unless the DriveSetup context menus complicate the Installer user experience needlessly.)

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