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#14506 not reproducible XHCI: faulty event ring handling? waddlesplash smallstepforman

I've finally found a method to 100% reproduce the XHCI KDL on my box (before it was hit / miss, with the typical symptoms - first the mouse would die, or eventually the keyboard would constantly repeat, eventually USB hard disk would die). Now I can finally reproduce the issue 100% of the time, and have a KDL screenshot with XHCI errors. Maybe investigating this issue will finally show the XHCI timing bug effecting everyone.

Steps to reproduce:

int main(int argc, char * * argv) {

during setup of my video editor, after setting up opengl/windows/media kit


simple assert will KDL



On my box, 100% KDL with XHCI errors.

KDL trace (see screenshot): summary in text format below:

<kernel_x86_64> memcpy + 0x51

<xhci> XHCI::ReadDescriptorChain(xhci_td*, iovec*, unsigned long) + 0xa2

<xhci> XHCI::FinishTransfers() + 0x1d1

<xhci> XHCI::FinishThread(void *) + 0x09

<kernel_x86_64> common_thread_entry(void *) + 0x37

#15137 fixed XHCI: Event Data changes broke the boot on Intel x5-E8000 waddlesplash TmTFx

Usb pen with haiku hrev53223 cannot boot hrev53189 works

xhci errors on kdl syslog

#12929 fixed [XHCI] crash in _LinkDescriptorForPipe() nobody diver

hrev50496 running in VirtualBox 5.0.26.

KDL often occurs on VM resume after pause.

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