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#51 fixed KDL when mounting a BFS cd-rom axeld korli

I'd like to try to mount a BFS CDRom on Haiku. So I tried to mount a BeOS Max CD with a 'mount -t bfs /dev/disk/scsi/1/0/0/raw /test' (this works on R5). Result is KDL below :

SCSI_CD -- cd_set_capacity: device=0x802e7880, capacity=317440, block_size=2048 bfs: invalid super block! vm_soft_fault: va 0xccccccfc not covered by area in address space vm_page_fault: vm_soft_fault returned error -2147478783 on fault at 0xccccccfc, ip 0x8007d4ad, write 1, user 0, thread 0x46 PANIC: vm_page_fault: unhandled page fault in kernel space at 0xccccccfc, ip 0x8007d4ad

Welcome to Kernel Debugging Land... Running on CPU 0 kdebug> sc iframe 0x81afffac (end = 0x81b00000) iframe 0x81afffac (end = 0x81b00000) iframe 0x81affa4c (end = 0x81affaa0) stack trace for thread 0x46 "mount"

kernel stack: 0x81afe000 to 0x81b00000

user stack: 0x7efe7000 to 0x7ffe7000

frame caller <image>:function + offset 81aff864 (+ 48) 80073ae1 <kernel>:kernel_debugger_loop + 0x0109 81aff894 (+ 32) 80073ff6 <kernel>:kernel_debugger + 0x0092 81aff8b4 (+ 176) 80073f5a <kernel>:panic + 0x0036 81aff964 (+ 48) 8004af0a <kernel>:vm_page_fault + 0x009a 81aff994 (+ 176) 80078b1a <kernel>:i386_handle_trap + 0x01ba iframe at 0x81affa4c eax 0x1 ebx 0x80409c00 ecx 0x10 edx 0xccccccfc esi 0x81affb50 edi 0x0 ebp 0x81affab4 esp 0x81affa7c eip 0x8007d4ad eflags 0x246 vector: 0xe, error code: 0x2 81affab4 (+ 48) 8003c31d <kernel>:get_mountFl + 0x0039 81affae4 (+ 64) 80042ca9 <kernel>:fs_syncFl + 0x0015 81affb24 (+ 48) 800431cd <kernel>:_kern_sync + 0x001d 81affb54 (+ 32) 8008094c <kernel>:sync + 0x000c 81affb74 (+ 160) 801c9726 <bfs>:Mount6VolumePCcUl + 0x016e 81affc14 (+ 80) 801ca416 <bfs>:bfs_mountFlPCcUlT1PPvPx + 0x004e 81affc64 (+ 192) 80042686 <kernel>:fs_mountFPcPCcT1UlT1b + 0x06ea 81affd24 (+ 128) 800441d5 <kernel>:_user_mount + 0x022d 81affda4 (+ 352) 8002da2c <kernel>:syscall_dispatcher + 0x06d0 81afff04 (+ 160) 80078ba3 <kernel>:i386_handle_trap + 0x0243 iframe at 0x81afffac eax 0x39 ebx 0x279658 ecx 0x5 edx 0x7ffe6eb8 esi 0x7ffef55e edi 0x7ffef577 ebp 0x7ffe6ef0 esp 0x81afffdc eip 0x221c8f eflags 0x10207 vector: 0x63, error code: 0x0 7ffe6ef0 00201096 7ffe6f80 00200bd5 7ffe6fac 00100661 7ffe6fdc 7ffe6fec kdebug>

#52 fixed socketpair missing in network libraries and <sys/socket.h> phoudoin korli

see for a complete description

#53 fixed POP3 SSL addon crashes mail_daemon when connection fails nathanw@… genki@…


This crash happens when the mail_daemon tries to look for new e-mail but the machine is not connected to the network. My ISP wasn't working at the time. (I got no IP from the DHCP).

It seems only POP3 with SSL crashes, the other accounts on standard POP3 seems fine. On those accounts I just get an error message (which is good and correct); "Error while connecting blah blah"

I'm pretty sure this can be reproduced by disconnecting your network cable, or switching off your DSL modem(or similar).

Here is a stack dump:

loading symbols segment violation occurred SSL_pending: SSL_pending: +0017 ec7fb2ab: * 08508b movl 0x00000008(%eax), %edx XXXX@…:sc

frame retaddr

fd1e4534 ea5d360b POP3Protocol::~POP3Protocol(void) + 0000002f fd1e4564 ec768364 BMailChainRunner::MessageReceived(BMessage *) + 000000e0 fd1e4a44 ec19a9c0 BLooper::DispatchMessage(BMessage *, BHandler *) + 0000007c fd1e4a5c ec198a39 BLooper::task_looper(void) + 0000043d fd1e4d28 ec19ae46 BLooper::_task0_(void *) + 00000036 fd1e4d3c ec06c50d thread_start + 00000039 XXXXX@…:

Another one again:

loading symbols segment violation occurred SSL_shutdown: SSL_shutdown: +0015 ec7fc08d: * 00207e83 cmpl $0x00, 0x00000020(%esi) XXXXX@…:sc

frame retaddr

fd1a7564 ec768364 BMailChainRunner::MessageReceived(BMessage *) + 000000e0 fd1a7a44 ec19a9c0 BLooper::DispatchMessage(BMessage *, BHandler *) + 0000007c fd1a7a5c ec198a39 BLooper::task_looper(void) + 0000043d fd1a7d28 ec19ae46 BLooper::_task0_(void *) + 00000036 fd1a7d3c ec06c50d thread_start + 00000039 XXXX@…:

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