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#67 fixed missing statvfs and fstatvfs in axeld adeynichenko@…

missing statvfs and fstatvfs in

#68 fixed SSH link is woefully outdated mphipps myob

The SSH link on the website links to a year 2000 era binary of ssh - which will not actually work for what its intended for. is the offending page

A working, 2004-era SSH was provided for R5 net_server by Haiku during the transition, which is located here: on SourceForge. It also works on BONE. This should be the version linked to.

#69 fixed BTranslationUtils::GetBitmap returns NULL marcusoverhagen mflerackers@…

I wasn't able to debug, but from the code it looks like BTranslationUtils::GetBitmap returns NULL when loading a bitmap from resource. This can originate from translation utils, though I think more likely from resource loading, kernel or the resource compiler. As Fonts shows that the signature it reads is wrong (last 3 characters are garbled), there is surely something wrong with the resource loading.

Mouse crashes with a segment violation in BBitmap::Bounds() from SettingsView::Draw->BBitmap::Bounds()

Menu crashes with a segment violation in BBitmap::Bounds() from BMenuBar::Draw->BMenu::DrawItems->BMenuItem::Draw->BitmapMenuItem::DrawContent->BBitmap::Bounds()

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