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#2732 duplicate syslog loses messages axeld Adek336

hrev27420 Reproduceable on computers equipped with a VIA Rhine-II ethernet card: 1) the driver's attach method clearly logs the word "Quirks" but that is not to be found in /var/log/syslog 2) no "<TRUNC>" found in syslog 3) "<DROP>" can be found but I think it's before the vr driver is being attached:

KERN: PCI: [dom 0, bus  0] bus   0, device  0, function  0: vendor 1106, device 0258, revision 00
KERN: PCI:   class_base 06, class_function 00, class_api 00
KERN: PCI:   vendor 1106: VIA Technologi<DROP>KERN: .
KERN: PCI:   device 0258: PT880 Host Bridge
KERN: PCI:   info: Bridge (Host bridge)
KERN: PCI: [dom 0, bus  0] bus   0, device 18, function  0: vendor 1106, device 3065, revision 78
KERN: PCI:   class_base 02, class_function 00, class_api 00
KERN: PCI:   vendor 1106: VIA Technologies, Inc.
KERN: PCI:   device 3065: VT6102 [Rhine-II] (K7VT6 motherboard)
KERN: PCI:   info: Network controller (Ethernet controller)
KERN: [via_rhine] (vr) tx shutdown timeout
KERN: [via_rhine] (vr) restarting

And as we see from the last part, the driver is up and running and must have gone through attach.

I'm pretty sure that on computers without via rhine-II the driver's probe method is called as well so one could add a dprintf("vr_probe\n") there and check if it's missing. Or try reproduce with another driver.

#2758 fixed downloading on VIA Rhine-II KDLs axeld Adek336

Downloading a file with wget, browsing webpages with Links or starting Firefox crashes system. The fastest in crashing is Firefox - just after rendering the home page.

one trace

PANIC: vm_page_fault


PANIC: vm_page_fault
#2782 fixed implement snapping to other window borders stippi Adek336

I miss the sticky windows feature which is that while dragging a window and one of its borders is about say 0.5 cm from another window border or the screen border, it jumps moves to that border and the windows are adjacent.

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