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#14819 no change required No audio output nobody Jose64141

When I open a media file with MediaPlayer, I don't listen anything I use the HDMI output, so when that happens I try to use an aux cable from the front panel to my display, and the MediaPlayer kinda crashes. It stop playing, and whet I hit Play, nothing happens, and if I restart the computer and open the file again, it doesn't show anything. I also tried to have both the HDMI and the front panel outputs at the same time on boot, and now the HDA device isn't shown on the Media pref.

#14811 fixed wpa_supplicant crashes upon connecting waddlesplash humdinger

This is hrev52731, 32bit.

My previous hrev52714 didn't have this issue. After the wpa_supplicant window pops up, and I click the button to connect, it crashes. Two slightly differing reports are attached.

Removing /boot/home/config/settings/system/keystore/keystore_database didn't make a difference.

This is the significant part of one of the reports:

	thread 969: wpa_supplicant thread 
state: Exception (Segment violation)

Frame		IP			Function Name
0x7a569eb8	0x9e5705	pthread_self + 0x1d 
		0x009e56e8:               55  push %ebp
		0x009e56e9:             89e5  mov %esp, %ebp
		0x009e56eb:               53  push %ebx
		0x009e56ec:       e800000000  call 0x9e56f1
		0x009e56f1:               5b  pop %ebx
		0x009e56f2:     81c327b80900  add $0x9b827, %ebx
		0x009e56f8:       b804000000  mov $0x4, %eax
		0x009e56fd: 648b048500000000  mov %fs:(%eax,4), %eax
		0x009e5705:             8b00  mov (%eax), %eax <--

	Frame memory:
		[0x7a569eb4]  ....   18 0f a8 00
0x7a569ed8	0x9e604b	pthread_testcancel + 0x13 
0x7a569ef8	0xa4e911	write + 0x31 
0x7a569f28	0x9fec38	_IO_new_file_write + 0x34 
0x7a569f58	0x9fe1ff	new_do_write + 0x7f 
0x7a569f88	0x9fe163	_IO_new_do_write + 0x27 
0x7a569fb8	0x9fe469	_IO_new_file_overflow + 0xbd 
0x7a569ff8	0x9fed72	_IO_file_xsputn + 0xfe 
0x7a56b708	0xa19375	vfprintf + 0x1ad 
0x7a56b738	0xa14c3b	printf + 0x27 
0x7a56b778	0x11ddea4	wpa_printf + 0x40 
0x7a56b7d8	0x120a73f	wpa_driver_bsd_capa + 0x73 
00000000	0x000480	? 

I have an iprowifi4965, 16 GiB or RAM, i7 running 32bit Haiku.

#14807 no change required gerrit email url doesn't work kallisti5 korli


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