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#2952 fixed Right Control Mismapped in Some Keymaps aldeck bonefish
  • American and US-International keymaps: The right Control key acts like Option. It is unaffected by the "menu key" preference.
  • German keymap: The right Control key always acts like Command, even if Alt is set as "menu key".
#3054 fixed Tracker doesn't load all poses on folders with thousands of files. aldeck aldeck

Tracker doesn't load all poses on folders with thousands of files. This problem was first mentioned in #2760's comments, but now it's more clear it's a different bug.

Investigating on #3011 i found some new infos:

I added some debug output to AddPosesTask and apparently GetNextDirents returns 0 although there are still more items in the dir. . It fails after a few thousand files but it's quite variable.

Interestingly, when i tried commenting "model->CloseNode()" here for #3011's investigation, i noticed the problem was worse. That is GetNextDirents would fail after a few hundred files.

Closing model nodes "model->CloseNode()" on each model in PoseView::AddPosesTask loop and reopening it in CreatePoses, made the problem disappear, although hitting performance a bit.

There must be something fishy with models not being all closed by seeing the old debug ifdefs in the related methods. Anyone has an idea why GetNextDirents would fail though?

setting tracker component, might be a kernel/fs bug.

#3385 fixed Open Disks Icon with Single Window Navigation = no draggable folder icon in upper right aldeck mmadia

This only occurs when the Disks Icon and Single Window Navigation is enabled : Any Tracker browser window that is opened by double-clicking the Disks icon will not have the handy-dandy draggable folder icon in the upper-right corner.

Note: if I right-click the disks-icon and navigate to a sub-folder, the icon appears.

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