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#2919 fixed on screen debug: entering + leaving the KDL prevents dividing log messages into pages axeld Adek336

When I select on screen debug at boot time I can take my time to read each batch of log messages and when I want to move on I have to press a key. However if I press F12 for KDL (or enter because of an error) and leave the KDL, then the text is no longer white on black but black on white but more importantly, it doesn't stop after each page of messages.

#2921 duplicate [Terminal] Text clipped at 80 chars jackburton Adek336

I've been seeing this frequently recently: sometimes Terminal starts clipping the text I input to 80 characters. When I type some command, after having 80 chars in one line, the cursor moves to the beginning of that line (not next line) and I can overwrite the text there. I'll try to find a way to reproduce it reliably.

#2953 fixed Wrong printf-flag in log message axeld Adek336


    219 			} else {
    220 				// this is a shared interrupt vector, we cannot just disable it
-   221 				dprintf("More than 99%% interrupts of vector %d are unhandled\n",
+   221 				dprintf("More than 99\% interrupts of vector %d are unhandled\n",
    222 					vector);
    223 			}

I think this solves the erroneous log messages that go like

More than 99-1nterrupts of...

instead of

More than 99% interrupts of...
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