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#5270 fixed About Mail expects its title to be in English pulkomandy dancxjo

In translations of the Mail application in which the title "Mail" happens to be longer than four letters, letters after the fourth one are not in the right font. I'm not really smart enough to fix this myself. :)

I suspect this might be problematic in other programs as well once we get around to localizing them.

#7907 fixed [AboutSystem] Add hypertext functionality for LGPL license nobody taos

Attached is a patch that would add to "LGPL license" the same hypertext functionality that has already been implemented for "MIT license" in the following string from AboutSystem.cpp:

	// Haiku license
	BString haikuLicense = B_TRANSLATE_COMMENT("The code that is unique to "
		"Haiku, especially the kernel and all code that applications may link "
		"against, is distributed under the terms of the <MIT license>. "
		"Some system libraries contain third party code distributed under the "
		"<LGPL license>. You can find the copyrights to third party code below."
		"\n\n", "<MIT license> and <LGPL license> aren't variables and can be "
		"translated. However, please, don't remove < and > as they're needed "
		"as placeholders for proper hypertext functionality.");

As there was some confusion regarding the translation of "[...] %MIT license% .." on HTA due to the fact that % is usually associated with variables that are not to be translated, this patch switches from %[...]% to <[...]> (with the additional benefit of enabling two different hypertext links) - but a change to {[...]}, for example, would of course also be possible.

Unfortunately - in contrast to the MIT license ("MIT") - there is more than one LGPL license: "GNU LGPL v2", "GNU LGPL v2.1", "GNU LGPL v3". So, we would first have to decide which one is "the" LGPL license we want to link to (for testing purposes the patch links to v2.1 at the moment).

#4899 invalid [AboutSystem] AMD Athlon II X4 is detected as AMD Opteron nobody RhapsodyGuru

The AMD Athlon II X4 is being misreported as an AMD Opteron.

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