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#9 fixed media_server crash in MMediaFilesManager::RewindRefs marcusoverhagen marcusoverhagen

this is from the old bug tracker and may no longer apply

loading symbols segment violation occurred MMediaFilesManager::RewindRefs(char const *, BString *, long *): RewindRefs18MMediaFilesManagerPCcPPP7BStringPl: +00f3 8001860b: * 90148b movl (%eax,%edx,4), %edx media_server control:sc frame retaddr fd0aab78 8001003f ServerApp::HandleMessage(long, void *, unsigned long) + 0000151b fd0afc10 800108b2 ServerApp::controlthread(void *) + 0000003e fd0b3c3c ec05032c thread_start + 00000038 media_server control:regs eax 00000000 ebp fd0aab78 cs 001b edx 00000000 esi 00000000 ss 0023 ecx fd0afc3c edi 00000000 ds 0023 ebx 8002bb50 esp fd0aab54 es 0023 fs 598b eflags 00010293 eip 8001860b trap_no 0000000e error_code 00000004 media_server control:ip MMediaFilesManager::RewindRefs(char const *, BString *, long *): RewindRefs18MMediaFilesManagerPCcPPP7BStringPl: +00d3 800185eb: 0289 movl %eax, (%edx) +00d5 800185ed: f8458b movl -0x00000008(%ebp), %eax +00d8 800185f0: f631 xorl %esi, %esi +00da 800185f2: ffffffff0840c7 movl $0xffffffff, 0x00000008(%eax) +00e1 800185f9: c189 movl %eax, %ecx +00e3 800185fb: 20eb jmp 0x8001861d <MMediaFilesManager::RewindRefs(+0x00000105> +00e5 800185fd: 00768d leal (%esi), %esi +00e8 80018600: d285 testl %edx, %edx +00ea 80018602: 0d7c jl 0x80018611 <MMediaFilesManager::RewindRefs(+0x000000f9> +00ec 80018604: c239 cmpl %eax, %edx +00ee 80018606: 097d jnl 0x80018611 <MMediaFilesManager::RewindRefs(+0x000000f9> +00f0 80018608: 0c418b movl 0x0000000c(%ecx), %eax +00f3 8001860b: * 90148b movl (%eax,%edx,4), %edx +00f6 8001860e: ec5589 movl %edx, -0x00000014(%ebp) +00f9 80018611: 10558b movl 0x00000010(%ebp), %edx +00fc 80018614: 028b movl (%edx), %eax media_server control:

#10 fixed remove inappropriate dependencies on system headers bonefish andrewbachmann

Building haiku should be self-standing with respect to headers. Although building the build tools will naturally use the system headers, haiku itself should be able to build from the headers that are in the repository.

Some tests may reasonably run natively in which case they would use system headers, but tests that are intended to be run on haiku should not use system headers.

#11 fixed edit form comes up for newly entered bugs mphipps andrewbachmann

After entering a new bug, the tracker responds with "your bug has been added..." and below this box there is a bug form. It's an edit form for the newly added bug. I have mistaken this form as a form to add new bugs and only at the end of the page did I realize this mistake. Since there is already a link in the "bug has been added" box to go back to the bug, this form should go away.

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