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#5866 fixed "multi_audio audio output" thread hogging cpu usage, keyboard and touchpad don't work axeld 6foot3

"multi_audio audio output" thread of media_addon_server appears to be using up 100% of 1of 2 cpu cores and the "fxp intr handler" thread of the kernel team appears to be using about 50% of the other core. There is no sound. The laptop keyboard and touch pad don't work but an external usb wireless mouse and keyboard work. If I start in safe mode cpu usage is negligable, I can start the net server and use WebPositive with no problems GLTeapot also runs fine only using about 50% of both cores and the system remains responsive. Once I start the media server, the CPU usage goes up and the built in keyboard and touch pad no longer work.

The specs for the laptop can be found online at:

#7522 invalid Intel D525 motherboard not able to boot haiku from partition on flash drive nobody 6foot3

I have a 4GB flash drive with two partitions on it, one 1GB for haiku and the rest (2.75GB) as a FAT32 partition with a live Ubuntu 10.04 installed. It has grub installed on the MBR with the option to boot haiku or linux. For details of how the drive was prepared see:,12 . As stated on that mailing list thread I found that arrangement to be quite valuable for testing since if haiku didn't boot, I could always try linux. I recently upgraded from my Intel D945GCLF2 to a D525MW motherboard and have been unable to boot from this flash drive into haiku. When I select haiku from the grub boot menu, I get the haiku boot loader menu with the line "select boot volume (current:none)" highlighted. Hitting enter takes me to the "Select Boot Volume" screen where the only choice is the haiku a partition on the hard disk. The boot loader appears not to be finding the haiku partition on the flash drive. This method works on my netbook which is quite similar to the new motherboard and was tested earlier using an R1/a3rc (41552).

#7523 fixed Intel Extreme driver showing blank with N10 (GMA 3150) brecht 6foot3

Using a HP Mini Note 1032cl (for detailed specs see: ) after the splash screen disappears, the screen remains blank (black). This is regression, since it used to work until quite recently. I first noticed after trying to install hrev41552 on this netbook, the previous installs being to other computers that had issues (ticket #7522 and #3/5). Reverted to hrev41539 and still had the problem. Will try an earlier build hrev41490 after I've filed this ticket.

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