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#110 fixed StyledEdit doesn't save a file successfully on Haiku axeld korli

StyledEdit on Haiku doesn't save with success a file: launch "StyledEdit ~/config/settings/kernel/drivers/kernel" make some changes and save. launch again : no changes saved.

As it happens only on Haiku, it could be related to storage kit or kernel side.

#111 fixed Invalidation problems in 32bit mode wrt BDirectWindow stippi johndrinkwater

during bootup, select any 32bit screen mode

Start Chart, select DirectWindow, and start the animation.

Drag the window around, you'll find old frames accumulate on the surface, and rogue pixels will collect on the parent window.

Appears on 640x480x32 + 1024x768x32 + 1280x1024x32

Doesn't appear on same modes in 8 & 16 bit depths

#113 fixed Ctrl+C kills applications that shouldn't be killed bonefish genki@…

When you start a bunch of apps like this: Pulse & Screen &

And then hit Ctrl+C in the terminal the apps will be killed. In BeOS this only works when you start the application without the "&".

After the first (non-built-in) command has been run, Ctrl-C quits the Terminal. E.g. run "ls" in a fresh Terminal, press Ctrl-C, and *plop* the Terminal is gone. Tested in vmware and qemu on Linux. hrev20359

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