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#14797 duplicate Redraw issues when closing windows. stippi Prognoz

Hi, I've a minor redraw issue in the new beta1: when stacking some windows and one of them is closed, the window title zone is not being redrawn with the background unless i force the redraw moving something over the zone. I'm using VESA drivers running from a native install ( no VM ). This doesn't happen when i'm running Haiku with KVM with VESA drivers.

#14796 duplicate Build fails at creating haiku_source.hpkg bonefish bullfrog

Can be duplicated in most hrev52711 and beta1. Basic/plain ./configure; jam -j4

AddExtractFileToContainerExtractFilesScript <HaikuImage>haiku.image-extract-files-dummy-home/config/settings/WebPositive-src/apps/webpositive/bookmarks/

haiku.hpkg: mimeset'ing package contents ...

haiku.hpkg: Creating the package ...

haiku_source.hpkg: mimeset'ing package contents ...

haiku_source.hpkg: Creating the package ...


...failed updating 1 target(s)...

...skipped 25 target(s)...

...updated 1293 target(s)...

#14795 fixed System unbootable (stops on rocket) in hrev52709 mmu_man KapiX

As in title. I can't check what is failing (I suspect ipro1000 driver since it came up in the syslog) because I can't get the bootloader menu (#14794).

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