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#3050 fixed Zip-O-Matic problem axeld miqlas

If i select 1 or more files, and i select zip-o-matic from the Tracker add-ons list, nothing happend. I see in the menu it have hotkey (Alt+Z), I tested with this, select 1 and more files, and i pressed Alt+Z, but nothing happend (seems so), but no! Alt+Z is the Undo command! This is problem, if somebody copy some files, and after he try to zip something, and nothing happend, but in the background the file copy undoed!

#4237 fixed [Zip-O-Matic] overwrites zip files with the same name jonas.kirilla diver

Create a folder on Desktop
Start Zip-O-Matic
Drop "New Folder" to Zip-O-Matic window -> "New" will be created
If you drop "New Folder" again then "New" will be overwritten
Tested with hrev32403 in VirtualBox 3.0.4

#3992 fixed Zip-O-Matic includes files from Trash bin axeld haiqu

When packaging the Free Pascal Compiler today I was using a spare empty partition to set out all the files to be included. Some of them needed to be in the Home directory, because that's where the compiler looks for configuration information if it isn't in the current directory.

When I zipped up the package I noticed the file was much larger than the last build, and on investiagtion discovered that Zip-O-Matic had included the hidden directory ~/Desktop/Trash and all its contents.

I've listed this under Applications/Tracker even though it's an add-on because Zip-O-Matic doesn't seem to have its own entry.

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