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#14793 fixed Investigate migration to Gerrit 2.16 kallisti5 pulkomandy

Gerrit 2.16 includes an improved UI (see for example which already deployed it).

Being a minor release, there are some things to care for on update (db schema changes, etc) so this needs to be considered carefully. There is no hurry, we should probably try the update on a test instance first?

Maybe it is worth waiting for some more bugfix releases before we jump.

#14792 fixed XHCI: "found device with invalid IRQ - check IRQ assignment" nobody Jose64141

I tried to install Haiku from an USB, but I always got the Unable to find boot partition error. So, I tried to run the Installer from the HDD, and it worked, but not the USB mouse. PS: I have a TUF H370 PRO mobo

#14781 fixed Haiku Source Package Directory Inconsistent bonefish AGMS

The directory structure of the haiku_source-...hpkg package has the source code in a non-standard place. It's in /system/sources/haiku all by itself. I suggest changing the packaged path to /system/develop/sources/haiku to make it consistent with the other source code, and easier to find!

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