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#14916 fixed Touchpad driver does not respect click sensitivity settings anymore waddlesplash BlueSky

I have the click sensitivity in the Touchpad settings applet set to "off". With hrev52919 the touchpad allows clicks even though the setting is still at "off". Up to hrev52892 it worked correctly. The machine is an Acer Aspire 5315 running Haiku 64bit nightly.

#14913 fixed Haiku-64 crash after update (hrev52902) waddlesplash tatoomi

After update (hrev52902) and reboot , haiku crash after rocket. Console return :

PANIC : attemting to block thread 555 wich is pinned.

Thread 555 'lauch demon' running on cpu1 stack trace for thread 555 'lauch demon'

Is it related to that (source activity)?

kernel/x86: Pin the current thread before calling interrupt handlers.

I just noted the beginning of the console message, if you need more, tell me.

#14911 fixed [VM] Block userland from mmap'ing the first page (NULL to B_PAGE_SIZE) waddlesplash waddlesplash

This is for security reasons, as then if the kernel tries to dereference NULL, it will always cause a page fault, instead of being potentially exploitable by a malicious application.

The only possible concern is BeOS compatibility. Did any applications do this intentionally? Do we care?

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