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#2463 fixed ZipOMatic complains about unterminated #else axeld monni

When compiling resource file, complains about unterminated #else... Caused by missing # before endif

#11023 fixed zip loses all the file's attributes, when attributes > 64 KiB nobody bbjimmy

hrev 46791

zip loses all of the file attributes when the total number of bytes in attributes exceeds 64 KiB.

comments in beos.c: starting at line 430:

/* ----------------------------------------------------------------- */ /* Read all the attributes; the buffer could grow > 64K if there are */ /* many and/or they are large. */

It seems that the buffer cannot grow as intended, and if it should grow, all the attribute data is lost.

#12042 fixed zip and unzip do not handle symbolic links correctly nobody markh

Problem with unzip: Trying to unzip the file attached to this ticket results in the following output:



error: zipfile probably corrupt (segmentation violation)

This unzips properly on BeOS. There are 2 symbolic links in the file that link to the third (real) file in the zip.

Problem with zip: Trying to create a zip with a symbolic link results in a file with only regular files. Steps to reproduce:

  • Create a folder named test
  • Create a file in this folder (for example with a simple touch command)
  • Create a symbolic link to the file
  • Zip the folder and all contents with the zip command (for example: zip -r test
  • Unzip the zipfile again.

You now have two regular files instead of one regular file with one symbolic link pointing to it.

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